The Government [of God] Can!

Hey everybody! Gather ’round! I’m here to give you anything you like!

You want to live like royalty forever?

You want unlimited wealth?

You want power over people who disagree with you?

Whatever you like!

You have come to the right place!


I’ll tell you why!

Who can take all your money with a twinkle in their eye and give it to another guy? The government [of God] can!

Who can tax you in the form of tithes? Who can tax the trees’ produce? Regulate all activities and collect up all the fees? The Government [of God] can!

And the government can ’cause it mixes it up with lies and makes it all ‘taste’ good!

The Government takes everything we make to pay for all their “solutions” — when Christ returns he’ll solve healthcare, climate change, pollution! He’ll do away with the Constitution!

Who can give a bailout? Tell us to behave? The ministers — the ministers of the Government of God!

The Government takes everything you make, they’re power hungry and malicious, their economics are fictitious — tithe and you’ll have to eat your dishes!

Who can be a failure in so many ways? Instead of getting fired, they give themselves a raise… the ministers… the Government [of God].

You feel so good, ’cause the ministers say you SHOULD!!!!


One Reply to “The Government [of God] Can!”

  1. In each of the “proofs” of “God’s Government” and continuing self-promotions of guys like Dave Pack, I don’t recall ever seeing “He who is greatest among you will be your servant” used as a proof-text.

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