July 31, 2015. HWA’s Birthday.


HWA-GCGE-replicaJuly 31, 2015 marks the 123rd birthday of HWA. Yes, we know those in the most hard-line COGs don’t celebrate birthdays, and HWA is the ubiquitous exception to all the rules. I’ll always remember how HWA fondly recalled how Haile Selassie, though his country was experiencing a disastrous famine, and a governmental upheaval that shortly led to his death, sent him a birthday telegram. So, in anticipation of Bob Thiel’s customary birthday post, and likely use of the “Sacred Treasure” photo, we offer this rare bit of anecdotal history:

In the back of one of the Hitler Diaries was a scribbled note, in which the name “Herr H.W. Armstrong” was conspicuous. Now, like Rick (in Casablanca) my German is a bit rusty, but here goes:

To be awarded to Herr H.W. Armstrong of the USA, the Grand Cross of the German Eagle. Herr Armstrong is to be honored for his theories of racial purity, forced segregation, propaganda extolling German military superiority, the coming of the glorious Millennial Reich, and for demoralizing of the American people in their misguided attempts to defeat the victorious German army.

The story was that following the “discovery” of the Hitler Diaries, one of Gene Hogberg’s contacts in West Germany sent him a copy of the note, so he and Herman Hoeh did some research and got a replica of the award medal. They presented it to HWA with a suitable cover story, and naturally a photo of him sporting his fake medal was in order. Word has it that the copy of the photo was discovered after HWA’s demise, being used as a bookmark in his annotated copy of Mein Kampf.

Of course the above story is fictitious, but since April Fools Day may have come out of paganism, July 31 is as good day as any for a cruel joke.

2 Replies to “July 31, 2015. HWA’s Birthday.”

  1. If HWA was “Boss Hogg”, the splinters never did get around to figuring out who got to be Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltraine, Enos, and Cletus yet.

    Of all the characters on TV and in the movies, probably Boss Hogg resembled HWA the closest. I recognized the similarity the first time I saw a Dukes of Hazzard episode.


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