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October 31

The LORD of hosts is His name; great in counsel and mighty in deed, whose eyes are open to all the ways of the sons of men, giving to everyone according to his ways and according to the fruit of his deeds.
-Jeremiah 32


Among the many stories relayed to me by members and former members of the Worldwide Church of God, the following one is among the strangest. Whether it has any relevance or not I am not sure but I decided to leave it in for the novelty of it. In January 1986 a Seventh-Day Adventist nurse was routinely doing her work at Martin Luther King General/Drew Medical Center hospital in Los Angeles.

Attached to the main hospital is Augusta Hawkins Psychiatric Hospital. Many psychotic patients were admitted to these hospital wards during this time. On this day there was an unusually hysterical patient screaming in torment down the hallway from the nurse’s station. One nurse there became so intimidated by the man’s screaming that she avoided walking into the man’s room, in spite of the fact that he had been restrained to his bed and drugged.

To his attending nurse he looked up and shouted, “I am going to go down under!” When the nurse asked him, “Where’s down under?” he shouted back, “I am Herbert W. Armstrong and I am going to go to hell!” Two days later, the nurses discovered that Herbert W. Armstrong had indeed died in his Pasadena home. The nurse, who had been too intimidated to go into the man’s room, had once been a member of the Worldwide Church of God.
-Bruce Renehan
“Daughter Of Babylon, The True History of The Worldwide Church of God”

Mr. Renehan is understandably intrigued by the story. He calls it “strange” and leaves it at that. But what he does not know is that the phenomenon of transmigration of human consciousness out of the body and even into those of animals or of other, usual mentally disturbed, human beings, has been repeatedly documented.

The great American-Indian scholar Vine Deloria, Jr. discussed the phenomenon in several of his articles, some of which are available on the Internet. He argues that a scientific basis for the phenomenon exists in the fact that human memory is an organized bundle of electromagnetic energy and that any such energy by its very nature is capable of being transmitted and received.

Just think of the truly divine appropriateness of such a punishment. Here is Herbert, who for 52 unrepentant years denied the very possibility that any human being could have a soul or experience life after death, unless he turned over all his blood and sweat earned wealth to Herbert himself.

Herbert also denied the very possibility of any “Hell” after death, except for all of humanity who would continue to deny to worship him as Christ’s eventual Senior Human God Number One. And now we find that Herbert may very well indeed have left a Last Message for All His Followers; a very last message as to what he finally found in the afterlife. He finally gave his One True Witness at the very end after all. For once in his life, he finally told the truth, though it was after his own conventional mortal death. He finally had one true revelation from God after all. And what was it? “I’m Herbert Armstrong and I am going to go to hell.”

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Holding a 71% rating by Rotten Tomatoes…

October 30th

The Last Man on Earth is considered by some to be the best Vincent Price movie ever made. The movie is a 1964 Italian-American science-fiction horror film based on the 1954 Richard Matheson novel “I Am Legend”. The movie was later remade as The Omega Man with Charlton Heston in the Vincent Price role. The movie stands as a cult classic here in the modern age.

In the year 1968, every day is the same for Dr. Robert Morgan (Price): he wakes up, gathers his weapons, and then goes hunting for vampires. Morgan lives in a world where everyone else has been infected by a plague that has turned them into undead, vampiric creatures that cannot stand sunlight, fear mirrors, and are repelled by garlic. They would kill Morgan if they could, but fortunately, they are weak and unintelligent. At night, Morgan locks himself inside his house; during the day, he kills as many vampires as he can, burning the bodies.

Mankind’s penchant for stories about murder and mass casualties has been celebrated throughout human history.

October 29

Stories of villains such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Xerxes, Napoleon, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Mingh litter the landscape of history. In keeping with the traditions of men (more valuable as a lesson than anything Herbert Armstrong and his string of deviant ministers ever taught) we start with a short video to set the mood….

The Bath School Disaster

The first school massacre in America.

Andrew Kehoe was an American farmer and treasurer of his township school board. He is notable as a mass murderer for killing his wife and 43 other people (including 38 children), and injuring 58 people by setting off bombs in the Bath School disaster on May 18, 1927.

Kehoe was regarded by his neighbors as a highly intelligent man who grew impatient and angry with those who disagreed with him. Neighbors recalled that Kehoe was always neat, dressed meticulously, and was known to change his shirt at midday or whenever it became even slightly dirty. Neighbors also recounted how Kehoe was cruel to his farm animals, having once beaten a horse to death.

With a reputation for thrift, Kehoe was elected treasurer of the Bath Consolidated School board in 1924. While on the board, Kehoe fought for lower taxes and was often at cross purposes with other board members, voting against them and calling for adjournment when he didn’t get his way. He repeatedly accused school superintendent Emory Huyck of financial mismanagement. While on the board, Kehoe was appointed as the Bath Township Clerk in 1925 for a short period.

In the spring 1926 election, he was defeated for the position, and was angered by his public defeat. His neighbor Ellsworth thought Kehoe started planning his “murderous revenge” against the community at that time. Another neighbor noticed that Kehoe stopped working altogether on his farm in his last year, and thought he might be planning suicide. Little did they know what was in store for the township…

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October 28

The real horror of Herbert Armstrong and the house of horrors he built was incompetence. Incompetence is the horror we all face and for some, it is worse than for others.

Herbert Armstrong might have been competent in building a cash machine, but seemed to be incompetent in nearly every other way, particularly in being a loving, caring human being, instead of reducing people to mere widgets to be manipulated in his sloppily built Church Corporate.

The horror of incompetence was not to be lost to those who followed him even after he died: The whole lot of them have been described by one here as being “hirelings” — certainly not a ringing endorsement of the house of horrors full of dead things that Herbert built. Not only do we have dead people with all but a handful of past evangelists [evil angels] now dead, the ones alive clinging to their dead works and their dead belief systems like zombies, but the spit-offs now lukewarm and getting more so, are having a tough time of recapturing the true values of the glorious irrelevant empire doomed even before the flesh grew rigor.

The vampires abound, feeding off the blood of innocents and turning some of them into the same kind of ghoul they became.

Indeed, it is a “season with a reason”, for the rebellious ministry preaching heresies in their idolatry of a dead prophet have become warlocks doomed to grave indifference to their cash cow audiences. They are still looking for the right balance of blood and gore, with the gloom and doom of necrotic prophecies to bring chilling fright to the children of those who will not stay the course of evil with them.

Unpleasant dreams of children of a lost generation in this village of the damned, continue in their nightmares of burning up in the Lake of Fire for their lack of diligence in continuing the ravenously hungry cash machine built by the incompetent, feeding off the fortunes of those trapped in their feeding frenzy, devouring the brains of the unwary.

It is the incompetence and what it has bred which is the real chiller here, even though there are those who would have Herbert Armstrong rise from his grave to lead cadavers into his glorious kingdom.

One would hope the peasants would storm the castle in protest, even as Frankenstein rises from the table.

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This page will be updated with more stories as we progress towards the day of the dead….

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