The AC Dating Game

Blast from the past…

I was a student at the Big Sandy Campus in the late 80’s and lately have spent considerable time reminiscing over some of my “dating” experiences. First of all, to say that what we were doing was “dating” is an absolute fallacy. I, along with many former classmates, feel that this unhealthy atmosphere has contributed greatly to the many divorces among AC grads. Following are just a few examples of “Dating Hell” at Ambassador College.

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Eric Clopper: Sex & Circumcision

Male circumcision is a evil, anti-human act of harvesting and mutilating infant genitals supported by entire industries for no medical reason whatsoever. This is actually a ancient religious blood rite that is a cultist genital blood sacrifice that results in a profound loss of the male sexual experience.

It not just the Jews who push this sick Abrahamic ritual , it is also those groups and individuals who think they are Messianic Jews.