Marketing HWA

Marketing has been used for ages as a way to encourage someone to buy a certain product…


Makeup, medicine, technology and politics are all objects that have been marketed through television, radio, newspaper, word of mouth, etc. As technology advancements continue, marketing methods will advance in order to become more efficient and successful. Some of the newest marketing methods have begun to incorporate scientific findings from fields such as psychology, sociology and neurobiology.

Religion is very difficult to market because it requires the “consumer” to make a huge seemingly permanent change in their life. They are not buying a car or a toy, they are essentially buying into a set of ethics and also a lifestyle. Is the consumer buying into a religion and its set of ethics, or are they simply hypnotized by clever marketing strategies?

With that being said, we present someone who was successful in marketing his home spun religion far before the information age came to be. His success cannot be duplicated in the 21st century by any of those inferior men, who try as they may, are complete losers compared to HWA and his smashing achievements!

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