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      1. What could go wrong?

        Oh, you know, some feisty priest or bishop will become disenfranchised and the first thing you know, they might post some sort of document to a church door — might call it a “95 Theses” or something. Shortly after that, people will follow him to start their own separate group. They may call the movement something like, “The Reformation”.

        It should be noted that it isn’t just Marxism. Pope Frances has embraced Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in something called “Hegel’s Dialectics” where people are encouraged to embrace “synchrotism” — The amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought. In fact, the entire bloc of German Priests, Bishops and Cardinals. It should be noted that there are 8 living German Cardinals, one of whom is — and we hope everyone can appreciate the irony here — Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising and Coordinator of the Council for the Economy. So Marx is a Catholic German Cardinal. Who would have thought?

        Pope Frances exists in the wider realm of globalism where he obviously hopes to be one of the billionaire elites important in the New Order after The Great Reset, lead, apparently, by the Chinese Communist Party, who he refuses to condemn for their, um, lack of humanity, toward certain ethnic groups.

        It’s not clear at this point what Muslims actually think of this sort of thing, but there’s a sneaking suspicion that they may not be fully on board. If anything, if Islam embraces globalism, it would only be Islamic in nature and certainly have Sharia Law at its core. It’s not clear that the Pope would ever suck this up, since he’d want to be the Big Poobah.

        No, I don’t see this as working out well in the long run for the Pope. You know, there actually be a war. It would be a Beast of a thing too.

        Just sayin’.

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