Haven’t we been told that the vaccines work?

Did you hear what the governor of West Virginia just said?

Governor Jim Justice: I’m gonna give you a few stats now about what’s going on in West Virginia. West Virginia is seeing a 26% increase in positive cases of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. I’ll read that one more time. West Virginia is seeing a 26% increase in positive cases in people that are fully vaccinated and a 21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization for people that are fully vaccinated. We have also seen a 25% increase in deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. Now, that’s not a 25% increase of the total numbers or whatever, it is a 25% increase of deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks.

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  1. We see the symptoms, but we don’t really see the problem. The symptoms include this crummy vaccine, critical race theory, identity politics, Antifa teachers attempting to subvert students to become anarchists, to pledge to the gay flag, inflation, Draconian lockdowns (Australia is particularly a police state now), shortages, elimination of freedom, projected futures where we eat bugs, Covid passports, mandatory shots, racism against whites and Asians, destruction of cities by burning, looting and murder, shortages, push to gender transition for children, the push to socialism and communism, restriction of travel, destruction of the middle class, corrupted judicial system. These are merely symptoms.

    The disease is corporatism.

    Corporatism is merely the tool of the globalist billionaire elites for them to achieve godhood with eternal life. To that end, they used Dr. Anthony Fauci to facilitate experiments on a global scale with humanity being the guinea pigs. The gain of function was just another step in the experiments to lead to a breakthrough in DNA research to make it possible for certain elites to be able to live forever.

    This experiment, being performed in countries around the globe, is an important way to keep marching forward to that goal. The rest of us can die and remain poor while they gather the test results to insure their own permanent existence. When they find just the right balance, a body of people somewhere will have a very long life span. They will be examined and probed. When all the information that can be gleaned and the process is perfected, they will be terminated, of course.

    There is nothing particularly moral, ethical or even legal: This is an imperative for survival of the top 1% of the 1% of the 1%. The end goal is to have gods who live forever, served by ephemeral slaves to do their will — not unlike Brave New World, but so much worse for us and our [limited] progeny.

    And why not. If you have the power, you can make it to live forever.

    There’s just one little tiny flaw to this. You see, there are these things called UBOs in the brain: Unidentified Bright Objects — which show up on brain scans where the neurons have died off and are washed away leaving nothing but liquid in their place making the white objects in the scan. Adults can expect an average of 1 UBO per decade. Live long enough and the brain will be like Swiss cheese. So they will mentally decline into senility. It’s not like we haven’t seen this in world leaders already. Even Generals seem to have succumbed and are now proclaiming the most stupid things. So there seems to be a biological limit to this eternal life thing. Sure, continue to live… brainlessly.

    But not to worry. You billionaire globalist elite will THINK you are brilliant as you perform your eugenics experiments and seed the atmosphere with molecules to prevent global warming and instead bring the next ice age. You think you are so smart as you cause ecology after ecology to collapse because you have no idea what you are doing, but you think you do and not one person can tell you differently.

    You are in your own little echo chamber of narratives populated by really foolish people like yourselves, thinking you know how things work to transform the world, while you can’t even make your own marriages work.

    Yeah. Brilliant. Well done.

    The solution? Corporatism must be extremely limited. No more multinational corporations — they go local. Size matters. Corporations can’t own anything — they can lease but not own. Corporations need to be limited to one and only one product or service. Corporations can only make a profit in the public interest.

    And oh, by the way, governments have to stop being corporations. Governments from the 1970s onward have adopted the worst of the corporate model and implemented it badly. Term limits. Absolute term limits. 2 terms max. And maybe we should make that per person per life time. Yup. You can be the President for two terms. But then you can’t be a governor or congressman or mayor. That’s it.

    Because as we all know, that which lasts eternally becomes dysfunctional without much benefit to exist, just because it exists. Entropy sets in and everything dies.

    Even the billionaire globalist elite.

    1. Excellent post indeed! You have this subject dialed in as I also have come to similar conclusions. Except I go a step further. There must be trials for what these psychopaths have done to the people of the world. Buying their way into power due to their riches. I say execute them, and the leaders who follow the directives from the Nazi Klaus of the WEF, a academic with no real economic understanding.

      Only the communist destroy economies in order to rebuild a new (in this case, a world order) order. Unlike the commies, the fascist take what is there and absorb it into the government. Either way, who made them God? They stole their power through outright theft and deception.

        1. Snarkcastic said: “James, I don’t know why they keep calling it the New World Order. It should be called the New World Chaos, but I suppose that’s not as catchy.”

          The reason is its Masonic origins. The motto of the 33rd degree is “Ordo ab Chao” and it is from this that the NWO or “novus ordo seclorum” will arise that is according to their warped reasoning. They believe from America’s demise the Masonic Messiah or descendant of Jesus will arise in Europe to bring about the promised utopia. They fail to understand Bible prophecy and God’s intervention, however, since their version of “heaven” will be in truth hell necessitating the true Christ to return and bring an end to this counterfeit once and for all and usher in the true New Age.

  2. No to mention that shit head in Canada, a another vaxso Nazi regime cult leader admitted he bought off the government. This is some years ago when he was a younger man. So you can understand what is going on in the world and here at home.

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