Canada. The Rise of Fascism.

A lesson from WWII.

The war against the unvaccinated is on

Comparisons to Nazi Germany are frequent and often exaggerated examples, but what Trudeau is saying aligns with the Nazi propaganda to dehumanize Jews to transform them into something sub-human in the public eye.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has chosen to dehumanize those who are failing to comply with his agenda.

Hatred for the unvaccinated reaching new heights as he questioned whether Canada should “tolerate these people” any longer. He no longer views them as his fellow man, but as a hated enemy.

Remember the Jews

At some point you will be forced to take a side.

Hat tip to Martin Armstrong

6 Replies to “Canada. The Rise of Fascism.”

    1. Absolutely James! I’ve had several conversations with family and friends about this very issue especially when the premier of our state was mandating every man, woman and child to get vaccinated or be “locked out” from employment, commerce, traveling, etc. last year. Why on earth would anyone pay any semblance of “obeisance” to these unprincipled, legalistic, hypocritical bullies is beyond me! The whole state and entire nation should’ve been up in arms in protest to put the fear of God into these wretched reprobates! Alas, it’s always a remnant that remains true to their principles and faith, despite the specter of persecution, impoverishment and death, that ultimately bears witness to the weak majority that appeasement to wannabe-tyrants has never and never will be the correct course of action for a truly free people. On the individual level one can still engage in small “civil disobedience” acts by taking advantage of the various loopholes to not comply with the unjust diktats of these illegitimate governments and thus stop giving them any more power or control over our lives, including where possible fake checking in or avoiding it altogether; not informing the “authorities” about your test result or not getting tested in the first place; and of course not getting the jab or endless boosters in the first place! Otherwise the unreliable tests producing false positives and leading to an extension of this never ending “casedemic” will only give TPTB a golden opportunity to apply Churchill’s saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” even further and usher in their “dystopian utopia” over every last vestige of free people in the Western world. And if that happens it’ll only be God Almighty that’ll be able to truly save us and our children then!

        1. At present James I’m unconcerned about getting any Covid jab for myself. Most I know have taken the mRNA vaccine and some have even succumbed to the virus, of which the Omicron variant is supposedly spreading like wildfire along the eastern seaboard. I’m still awaiting the approval of Novavax in Australia myself as that’s what I’d prefer to go with, if I go with any at all, as it’s supposedly a more traditional vaccine and is protein-based unlike the AZ, Moderna and Pfizer shots. So hopefully come winter it’ll be approved and available in Australia. Of course, if I get the Delta or Omicron variant in the meantime and survive, well then, like Djokovic and others who’ve gotten it without being jabbed, I hope to be naturally immune so won’t need to concern myself with a vaccine until the following year. In any case, I’m of the view, to paraphrase St. Paul in Romans 14:8, whether I live or die, as it has been, now is and always will be, my life is in God’s hands.

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