Herbert Armstrong’s Dachaus

Location: Armstrong churches of God years after the first split. A retired minister returns to reminisce about his days in power. Until he finds himself at the mercy of those he tortured, and on trial by those who were abused or died at his hands. Confronted by the ghosts of the past, justice may finally be served . . . in the Twilight Zone.

The parallels are striking are they not? Human behavior at its worse.

One Reply to “Herbert Armstrong’s Dachaus”

  1. Unfortunately, for all the pain, torture and terror of the ministers upon the membership, leaving many of them with complex PTSD and tortured insanity haunting them for a lifetime, most of the ministers went their way with no retribution, some living out their lives without any retribution or justice — and worse, leaving them devoid of any thought of responsibility for the evil and injustice they have done.

    It is the members, not the ministers, living on in a tortured Twilight Zone.

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