Attorney Looking for Letters from Members/Ex-members Who have Suffered at the Hands of Philadelphia Church of God

My name is _____, I have __ children, . I attended the Philadelphia Church of God with my then-husband from 2010 to 2017. I came to find out just what this church really is and how cruel it is.

I am going into a trial against my X husband for custody of all our minor children. By the time this happens, they will be 3 of the 6 still minors. The 3 youngest live with me and the 3 oldest live with their dad. They are forced to attend pcg brainwashing services every other Saturday when they have said they do not want to go. As it stands right now unless I can prove that this ” church” is not in their best interest he will continue to be able to take them, and if they continue to have their minds controlled by fear-based doctrines, I could possibly lose contact with all 6 children eventually. Children I raised basically by myself as I was to do everything but pay the bills. I homeschooled these kids, sacrificed so much of myself for my family. I can’t bare to lose them all.
Especially the ones who don’t even want to go!!! For the pcg to eventually get to them is so cruel.

I am in Canada, and it is very difficult to get actual wittnnesses to come to court to tell their stories and prove this church a danger to my children. But my lawyer says anyone who wants to help can write a letter, tell their story, help prove the dangers, the evils, of this organization. Prove that they have a no contact policy and how they plan to escape to a place of safety. ANYTHING at all that you read or heard or experienced that you could help me get my children out of there would be of enormous help.

My lawyer will read your letter and if he thinks it is one he can use in our defense he will send it back to you in a form that will be turned into an affidavit. You would simply take it a lawyer to get it signed, and returned.
I will cover all costs that occur if need be.

Right now all the judge has is me saying its a cult my kids are in danger, and my x husband saying no it’s not, it’s a fun loving normal church.

I need the judge to see the truth.

I understand that a lot of you have been through so much pain and suffering, and this may not be what you are comfortable with, but please think of my children and how you could prevent that from happening to them by telling your story.

You can simply email it to me, and I can pass it on to him. Or email it to him directly with Fuller vs Fuller testimony in the subject line.

His email isĀ [email protected]
David Reid
519 235 0670