The Feast is no Longer Enough

“Just be sure that no matter where these little social get togethers are being held, they are near some major shopping mall. For it is that the ACoGs have gone secular and they learned long ago to shop during the Feast of Tabernacles.”

One of our more endearing articles about the changes taking place within Armstrongism. From December, 2015 one of more revealing articles show you the reader just where Armstrongism is heading…

The Feast is no longer enough

Have a politically correct Christmas

Someone once said that by the year 2030, everybody in America will have been forced to make a public apology. Every possibly offensive word ever uttered seems to qualify for a apology so says the mentally ill within our society, those who have been dictating this shit show for the last several decades.

So with that in mind may I present something slightly offensive, all in the Christmas spirit of course. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone….