Revisiting “Brilliant”

No matter what facts, data, truth, witnesses you may bring to the table, if you disagree with the Cultmeister over you, you are rebellious, know nothing and have no status or standing to say anything.


Passover Daze

Season Of Hysteria
By Bob W.
On the Pasadena campus, as they approached the Passover and Daze of Unleavened Bread, you could almost feel the tension in the air. It was a time of anxiety, worry and fear. If we had only looked to what Jesus Christ did for us at the cross, this time of year would have been less fearful and more enjoyable. We would have been more thankful for being set free, in stead of looking inwardly and facing a time of self condemnation, pity and spiritual self flagellation. The way we observed these days was really a time of spiritual grieving and beating ourselves up for what we were not, and that was we were not perfect in the eyes of HWA or his, not Christ’s, ministry. What we were in the eyes of God did not seem to relate to the pressures of the moment, we were just too focused on ourselves and our humanity.

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The Money Apostles. (Also known as “The Dead Church Scrolls”)

Herbert was a man with a big mouth and an even bigger problem. He had angered the Lord by using his hirelings to terrorize and intimidate the little ones into submission. Thus, he earned himself no small amount of divine wrath, which came in full force when God smote him down before it was time for Herbert to pass away from this world.

But just before Herbert’s end, he begot Joseph who inherited both money that would come from sheep as well as church property – all of which were stolen by none other than Herbert himself! This inheritance allowed Joseph to have some solace after his father’s passing; however, one can only imagine what would have happened if such ill-gotten wealth hadn’t been acquired through theft but instead through honest work or charity?

It is unfortunate that someone like Herbert existed at all; not only did he bring harm upon those weaker than him but also brought shame upon religion itself due its association with such unscrupulous behavior. Nonetheless, we should learn from this story: it serves as reminder that there are consequences for our actions – especially those done out of greed or malice – regardless how small they may seem in comparison with larger sins committed against God Himself…

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