Herbert Armstrong – Still Dead

The U.S.S. Armstrong sunk years ago, but on the life boats the band(s) still plays on. To this very day, the groups that follow Herbert’s cesspool of doctrinal error and corruption try to mimic what was prophesied, what was said, or how it was said. The very art of mimicking Herbert in every possible way has nothing to do with the following and worship of Jesus Christ, but with the worship and devotion to Herbert W. Armstrong and their leading evangelist guru.

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5G spreads Corona, government document.

Heard this a couple years ago. Laughed at it.

Now confirmed.

COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China in December 2019,
shortly after city-wide 5G had “gone live,” that is, become an
operational system, on October 31, 2019. COVID-19 outbreaks
soon followed in other areas where 5G had also been at least
partially implemented, including South Korea, Northern Italy,
New York City, Seattle, and Southern California. In May 2020,
Mordachev [4] reported a statistically significant correlation
between the intensity of radiofrequency radiation and the mortality
from SARS-CoV-2 in 31 countries throughout the world.”