The 82 Decade Curse

The curse of the 8th decade is a mysterious and almost biblical prophecy but with a material reality, countries sometimes don’t last past the 8th decade of their existence, but why?

The CIA some years ago gave Israel 15 years left as a nation. Perhaps that time is arriving?

Incest and the Apostle Revisited

Seeing how the search term “incest” keeps coming up lately we re-present this article.

“Having sex with a first-degree blood relative is like having sex with oneself. It is a Narcissistic act and like all acts Narcissistic, it involves the objectification of the partner. The incestuous Narcissist over-values and then devalues his sexual partner. He is devoid of empathy (cannot see the other’s point of view or put himself in her shoes).
Sam Vaknin

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The following is from the old Ambassador Report

Every month Signature magazine, published by Diners Club Inc., features the story of a man considered to have been unusually successful in the world of business. Since Herbert Armstrong felt he, too, was a man of unusual success “in the world of mammon” (p. 9 of his autobiography, 1973 edition), that he had “training and specialized experience such as comes to few men” (p. 273 of his autobiography, 1967 edition), and that he had made the equivalent of “$25,000 a year or more” before he was 30 (ibid., p. 281), we in turn felt compelled to give Herbert Armstrong his day in court by featuring him as this month’s “Man on the Move.”