“Al, let’s get one thing straight! I’m a no good, fornicating, adulterating son of a bitch!” These highly emotional words initiated a private conversation between Garner Ted Armstrong and me at 10:05 a.m. on Wednesday, May 16, 1973, in the seclusion of his television studio office. This was not the first or the only time Ted ever admitted that he was an adulterer. In spite of repeated public denials, Ted has privately admitted that he has been guilty of flagrant, continuous adultery and fornication for almost a quarter of a century-as a church member, an executive, and an evangelist!

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Blast From the Past. An Inside Report On God’s Work.


Dear Editor,

First off, let me say thank you for this web-sight…which I didn’t even know existed until today!  You are doing a marvelous job…and just HOPE it will keep others from enduring the 25 year NIGHTMARE that I and my wife & three children ENDURED, at the hand of Herbert W. Armstrong, GTA, Imperial Schools, Ambassador College, WWC & all the top-ministers & their wives & children.

Let me introduce myself.  I was a teacher at Imperial School (Big Sandy) for 25 years, & a teacher at Ambassador College (Big Sandy) from the time the Big Sandy campus opened, until 1975.  Believe me….EVERYONE….that everything you have been told & read, in this website…..IS FOR REAL!    And, I COULD TELL YOU …..A WHOLE LOTS MORE

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