My Exit Odyssey

by John B.

I left the Worldwide Church of God for the last time in May of 1992 after forty years of association. I left because I had become absolutely convinced of corruption at the highest levels of the church (thanks to John Trechak’s “Ambassador Report”). I knew that any organization guilty of such abuses could not be the “true” church of God.

Still, leaving was the single most terrifying thing I have ever done in my life…

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United States of Europe Prophesied Since 1934? Herbert W. Armstrong’s Stolen Idea!

Herbert Armstrong’s Stolen Idea.
The History of the United States of Europe.

How did the concept of a United States of Europe develop?

In this short video you will learn just how Herbert W Armstrong came up with and developed his idea that the European union would someday attack and destroy America.

The United States of Europe (sometimes abbreviated U.S.E. or USE) is a name given to several similar hypothetical scenarios of the unification of Europe, as a single country and a single federation of states, similar to the United States of America, both as projected by writers of speculative fiction and science fiction, and by political scientists, politicians, geographers, historians, and futurologists.

Various versions of the concept have developed over the centuries, many of which are mutually incompatible (inclusion or exclusion of the United Kingdom; secular or religious union, etc.). Such proposals include those from King George of Podebrady of Bohemia in 1464; Duc de Sully of France in the seventeenth century; and the plan of
William Penn, the Quaker founder and namesake of Pennsylvania, for the establishment of a “European Dyet, Parliament or Estates.”

George Washington wrote to Marquis de La Fayette: “One day, on the model of the United States of America, a United States of Europe will come into being.”

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Did Herbert Armstrong Steal “The Empirical Self” Idea?

By Armstrong Plagiarism Research

Did Herbert Armstrong steal the phrase “empirical self” and the concept of the empirical self?  The term is used in psychology and predates Armstrong.  His Autobiography says he studied psychology, so he could have picked it up from psychology.  The basic concept, as used by the famous psychologist William James, is very similar to the way Armstrong used it.

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