Revisiting Con Job (Con Games)-Part 2

Now maybe Herbert Armstrong was nowhere near as sophisticated as the Cold War scientists and mathematicians turned to churning out financial instruments, but he certainly was clever enough to distort Scripture to say what it did not say through Proof Texting and carefully compartmentalizing anything which would detract from his high concept ideas of control and manipulation.

Con Job, Part 2

Revisiting “ERAS”

Armstrongists should have quit while they were ahead: They should have just quietly withdrawn all the fabricated church history and simply admitted that the Sabbath keeping churches of God from which the Radio Church of God and later, the Worldwide Church of God, sprang from Gilbert Cranmer who was the acknowledged founder of the Church of God Seventh Day. He came, with others, out of the Great Disappointment of 1844, which was part of the Advent Movement but at the time, was not based in the Sabbath — the Sabbath keeping came afterward.


Revisiting “Calendar”

But perhaps the biggest problem of all is that Armstrongists don’t actually know when to keep the Feasts. If you are going to keep them when they don’t need to be kept at all, you should, by all means, get the dates right. But with the nine variants that the Armstrongist churches of God use now are every one of them wrong — objectively, observably, technically wrong. It is time for them to admit that the Church of God Seventh Day is right and the calendar is impossible to decipher from Scripture.