The Cult leader Who cried “Wolf”

A Shepard tasked with tending to a flock of sheeple near his quaint village of Wadsworth decides to have a little fun with his sheeple. “Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!” he cries out! The sheeple prepare but nothing comes to pass. The Shepard laughs at them. He then pulls this shit several more times.

Those whose ears were likely ringing by now from the lies told by the Shepard realize that “fool me five times should be a shame on us”. The lesson learned should be: No one believes a liar, even when he speaks the truth. But then again, only fools never learn from following a pied piper!


If you’re going to bribe your god, the approach of the savages — as unsophisticated as they may have been — is superior to that of those of us with the benefit of thousands of years of civilization. We no longer even pretend to give our sacrifice (which has transmogrified from produce to crass currency of money) to our god to win his / her / its favor, but we now give it to an intermediary — a priest, a pastor, a religious leader, or worse, to a giant soulless corporation with no face or humanity.

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