Revisiting “Brilliant”

No matter what facts, data, truth, witnesses you may bring to the table, if you disagree with the Cultmeister over you, you are rebellious, know nothing and have no status or standing to say anything.


Enlyten: Personal (thots) Thoughts

There’s a lot of email that I receive that I cannot send to the webmaster, because it’s private, and many of us (including the very discrete webmaster) will also honor the same requests. We all respect the privacy of our correspondence. But many of these emails ask (overall) general questions, and I hesitate to put them down in a type of Q&A format. But since some have been asked so direct, I’m really gonna attack it – without any names, of course. Because many of your emails have touched both me and my family personally. And yes, it all ties in with the WCG.

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