The AC Dating Game

Blast from the past…

I was a student at the Big Sandy Campus in the late 80’s and lately have spent considerable time reminiscing over some of my “dating” experiences. First of all, to say that what we were doing was “dating” is an absolute fallacy. I, along with many former classmates, feel that this unhealthy atmosphere has contributed greatly to the many divorces among AC grads. Following are just a few examples of “Dating Hell” at Ambassador College.

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Can THIS Be “The Holy Spirit” at Work? Or, Why I finally left the cult!

 I was a member of the WCG since the age of 6 until the age 24.  My parents joined in 1980 just shortly after the dust started to settle from the turmoil of the 70’s.  I have to say this: my parents left before I did, I think in 1996, and not once did they try to pull me away, leaving me to choose for myself.   (I do not hold any grievance against them for either joining or letting me stay!)  I went through the years of Y.E.S. doing children’s choir, all the lessons produced by ‘Headquarters’, and everything else in between.  Obviously I was very much into the Y.O.U. concept, since we were not allowed to participate at school due to the Sabbath restrictions.  I was and still am addicted to sports.  Played them all, being the good non-AC kid.  After graduation I coached some of the various teams as well.

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