David C. Pack, Restored Church of God

Just who is David C. Pack of the Restored Church of God? 

What is his history?

The Painful Truth about David C. Pack.

2 Timothy 3: (Evil People)

New International Version

…People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,  without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,  treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

From AR 54

Letter to Roderick Meredith from one ex-WCG member who attempted to fellowship with GCG:

Dear Mr. Meredith:

I was recently disfellowshipped from the Global Church of God by area minister Dave Pack because I found it necessary, once more, to stand up for the Truth.

On August 6, 1993, 1 was awakened at 10:30 p.m. by a telephone call from Mr. Pack. I was questioned about my interest in Mr. William F. Dankenbring’s articles about Passover and Pentecost. In my studies of this comprehensive literature, I have proven to myself, from the Bible, that the dates and manner in which we keep these Holy Days are in error. I was sharing my new understanding of these Truths with the Host of the Tuckerton, New Jersey congregation. This is what prompted the call from Mr. Pack.

In our conversation, Mr. Pack made the statement, “Mr. Dankenbring makes his living acquiring information on sins about people and paying people to publish books about them. Aren’t you glad, John, that he doesn’t know your sins or he would publish a book about you?” Why is it that when we can’t attack the message, we attack the messenger? When will this stop?
Mr. Pack was also very hostile toward Mr. John Trechak, saying he has been spreading garbage about him for years. And “that Trechak is no good.” In one of your early sermon tapes you admonished us not to say unkind things about people, even when we ourselves are attacked. Is there a double standard in the Church? Where is Mr. Pack’s humble attitude that ministers and members alike are supposed to exhibit?

 From AR 32

Armstrong Follower Held In Murder of Daughter

On Sept. 20, 1984, Armstrong follower Lois Marie Elliott of North Tonawanda, New York was charged with second- degree murder. Police say that before dawn that day, the 36-year-old woman stabbed her four-year-old daughter to death in the child’s bed, knifed herself in the chest, in an apparent suicide attempt, and then telephoned police, saying, “I killed her.” Officers dispatched to the scene discovered the pajama-clad body of the little girl, Roxanne Elizabeth, in her own bed. She had already died from multiple stab wounds, mostly to the chest. Mrs. Elliott was found nearby bleeding from a wound to her own chest. (The Buffalo News, Sept. 20, 1984, p. 1 and Sept. 21, p. C- 5.)

Elliott was divorced from her WCG-member husband Frederick R. Elliott of Kenmore, New York, and had been living with her widowed mother Olive Baldassara. Mrs. Baldassara was home the night of the tragedy, but was apparently asleep in another room during the attack.

Investigators say that Elliott had telephoned police the previous evening claiming her ex-husband had sexually abused their daughter. But police have since concluded that there are “no facts to support that allegation.” After Elliott was treated at a hospital and released into police custody, she told investigators she had “committed a sin that would carry on through her bloodline” and that her daughter had “committed an unpardonable sin and didn’t pray enough.”

Neighbors described Elliott as a reclusive “religious fanatic” who rarely allowed her daughter outdoors to play. Church acquaintances told us that although Elliott had been disfellowshipped from the WCG, she had remained faithful to church teachings and had desired to be reinstated in the church. Reinstatement was not forthcoming, however, because she had been labeled as having a “demon problem.”

One of Elliott’s church friends said, “I don’t think Pack [Dave Pack, a WCG minister in the Buffalo, New York area] ever encouraged her to get psychiatric help. And if he really thought she had demons, why didn’t he just cast them out, like in the Bible?”

Another acquaintance said, “We could sense Lois had a problem, but her church experience and her marriage problems didn’t help her. Then after she was disfellowshipped she seemed to get worse. She really needed help.”

Niagara County First Assistant District Attorney Stephen P. Shierling told the Report he fully intends to prosecute Elliott on the murder charge. But Elliott’s attorney, James Perry of North Tonawanda told us that his client has been declared mentally incompetent to assist in her own defense, has been committed to a state mental hospital for treatment, and that there is no way to know if she will ever recover sufficiently to be able to stand trial.

Whatever the legal outcome, the fact remains that a pretty little four-year-old girl is dead. Neighbors told reporters how Roxanne’s father had visited the little girl at least twice each week and how happy she always seemed to be when he arrived. The Buffalo News story of Sept. 21 had this ending:

Although neighbors Thursday said that they never saw the little girl playing outside, her father, Mr. Elliott, talked about her energy and her precociousness. She loved to dance and draw and could name all the states, he said.

“She had a mind like you wouldn’t believe,” he told The News. “She was like a little adult, a little Shirley Temple. She was so vivacious.” Mr. Elliott then politely declined any further comment, and broke down in tears.

David Pack’s Reign of Terror

On the night of Roxanne Elliott’s death, one of the last people – probably the very last one – Lois Elliott phoned before the tragedy was WCG minister David Pack, pastor of the Buffalo (North), New York congregation.. Exactly what was said, we don’t know. At least not yet. That information may well come out should Lois Elliott ever recover sufficiently to stand trial. What is remarkable, however, is how often Pack’s name seems to appear in conjunction with tragedies in the WCG. For a number of years now, no WCG minister’s name has appeared more often in letters written to the Report complaining of ministerial abuse.

Pack, a burly 6-foot, 5-inch Ambassador College graduate known locally for his authoritarian style, has so incensed some in his flock that a group have circulated an open letter detailing his abuses and have called for his removal. The letter describes Pack’s ministerial leadership as a “Reign of Terror.” On the cover page, addressed to WCG headquarters leaders, they wrote: “David’s power-crazed quest to totally dominate the mind, body, and spirit of church members has not been done in a corner and has been done clearly in view of all to see at headquarters in Pasadena.”

On the following 13 pages of their letter the allegations about Pack read like a horror story. The authors contend that Pack constantly intimidates members, uses threats and mind-control methods, is given to extreme emotional outbursts, is highly political, believes in winning at all cost, has disfellowshipped members for trivial faults, prescribes diets while “playing M.D.,” insists on being addressed as Mr. Pack, enjoys wearing skimpy, skin-tight shorts to sporting events, has actually worn a wolf costume to church socials, enjoys putting down women, and told one married woman with children, “It would be better for you to shack up one night with a man than wear makeup.”

The letter quotes Pack as having said, “Everyone who has challenged me has either died, been seriously injured or has been eliminated from the work.” And, “God backs me even if I am wrong.”

On page 7 the authors made this statement to Pack (emphasis ours):

Doesn’t it bother you that while you were in charge of the Rochester and Syracuse area there were three suicides? One can only wonder why they chose to kill themselves while you were their main advisor in the area. Perhaps you suggested to one or more of them that they would in no way make it into the Kingdom of God…. A statement such as, “You are no longer in the body of Christ,” could have caused one to give up and kill himself.

The above quote was written well before the Elliott family tragedy. Some who knew little Roxanne and her mother Lois Elliott wonder if it might have been a prophecy.


12 Replies to “David C. Pack, Restored Church of God”

    1. No hate, just information. If someone want’s to join Packs cult, I say let them.
      There is no better teacher than experience. Learn the hard way like I did.

  1. So I just read his book The Real Jesus and it was shocking and I also read pages and pages of slander about him. Just like the churches I grew up in nobody is talking about the most important issues. I have never heard a single pastor mention the gospel of the kingdom of God they always say the gospel of grace always but that’s not what Jesus and everyone else in the bilbe calls countless times no mistaking it how can they change the word of God like that so methodically I never even caught it because I was told so many times but there it is. He points out so many lies in traditional doctrine with endless scripture I don’t know him I don’t care who he is I’m gonna believe Jesus. They also said he discounts Jesus. The whole book is about how truly amazing Jesus is and to really obey his commandments and how he warns about not doing that Jesus words not his guys…not so popular after all. I think this guy called of people out and they aren’t saying darn thing. about it cuz they don’t have their scriptures to back it up shame on us all

    1. Like I said in a comment before Gina,

      “No hate, just information. If someone want’s to join Packs cult, I say let them. There is no better teacher than experience. Learn the hard way like I did.”

      1. Just listened to this bloke’s sermon and it seemed very interesting. But the WCG has had all kinds of horror stories about it. I don’t know what to think.

        My view has become though, more and more, that we need to always, always, always follow Christ, pray, read and refer prayerfully to Scripture and behave in a Christlike manner. Religion often just gets in the way of that.

        1. Don’t know what to think?

          Use common sense. This guy Pack has prediction addiction which all come to failure. What does that tell you?

  2. I eason the wwcg, global church of Godand restored… i have seen and heard plenty,he made my ex husband a minister only after he divorced me ( he was coerced) and given power to help destroy not only his children, mine as well( or at least he tried). He didn’t really give great medical care for his wife who eventually passed because they method intervene. The nurse who was a member from NY as she cared for Shirley was eyed by Pack and later he married her somewhat secretly. Several men wanted to date his new wife and it’s obvious he had his sites set on herfor some time. He called me white trash- i refused to follow his ways and when my ex stood up for me he apologized He used to stare at my dancing at social events even saying I had skin nicely draped over my bones. He ridiculed my children and even had three way calls with their father and he as he and their father removed them from church siting they were too worldly and my eldest was wrong for dating asians ( which he has been for over 10 yrs).
    This Pack is more demonic than those he has accused!
    Thankfully my ex husband and after putting up with lots he saw and heard was considered insubordinate for sticking up for me and putting a few words into packs head. His children have left him as well! Evil! and I don’t care what your opinion of me is!

    1. Those who continue to follow Pack are traitors to the teachings of Christ.

      After all these years you would think that Pack would be declared a false prophet by his membership. Not so. He is still revered.

      It is obvious that the membership holds Dave in higher esteem than the Christ. They are the ones who will be found ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ on that great day. They deserve it!

  3. What about a little Holy scripture HERE ??? Like, for example ; “By their fruits ye shall know them.” or “…..they come to you as wolves in sheeps’ clothing .” ( Just these TWO verses alone should be enough to root out a rat attempting to be a reverend = Pack. And from my own private study, there are PLENTY more where that came from. The Gospel says for us to “Test the Spirits;” It is particularly DEMOCRATIC, never asking us to simply blindly swallow any sort of thing that comes down the pike that a so-called minister labels “Christian.” ( My word !! Jesus Christ preached whole SERMONS on this.) I sustain MOST of this group’s literature, BUT that DOESN’T INCLUDE DAVID PACK.

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