Mass Insanity and the Psychology of a Revolution

Herd mentality. America goes full Forest Gump. Sad commentary on intelligence in America. Great commentary on how this pandemic should be handled.

Here is a good read but difficult due to the archaic language . Learn human psychology. It can save your ass.
Psychology of a revolution

Learn how we devolve.

“The craving for equality, not only before the law,
but in position and fortune, is the very pivot of the last
product of democracy: Socialism. This craving is so powerful
that it is spreading in all directions, although in contradiction
with all biological and economic laws. It is a new phase of the
interrupted struggle of the sentiments against reason, in which
reason so rarely triumphs.”

“Socialism, the modern synthesis of this
hope, would be a regression to lower forms of evolution, for it
would paralyse the greatest sources of our activity. By
replacing individual initiative and responsibility by collective
initiative and responsibility mankind would descend several steps
on the scale of human values.”


6 Replies to “Mass Insanity and the Psychology of a Revolution”

  1. The real problem with socialism is that it violates the very core principle of the Universe: You can’t get something for nothing. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Energy keeps becoming less available — it’s called entropy.

    What socialism is, is the ultimate in entropy. Government handouts were intended to allow deserving youths to be able to attend the universities. It used to be that colleges and universities were affordable enough that the average person could pay as they went and there would be no debt at the end. The colleges and universities took the grant money and instead of applying it to pay student tuition, they built stadiums and new facilities, then they pushed up the prices. Not to worry, student loans were invented. The average student couldn’t afford to go to university.

    “How big are the endowments?” you ask. In 2018, Harvard got $39 billion (that’s ‘b’, BILLION). Yale got $29 billion. Stanford got $26 billion. Princeton got $25 billion. MIT got a paltry $16 billion. The top administrators are getting rich with really huge salaries. How much is the student debt? At the end of 2018, it was $1.5 trillion!

    So Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez come along and propose to pay off the student debt through socialism. That money has to come from somewhere. If the Feds print more money, we pay in inflation. Instead, though, they want to tax the rest of us — so the money comes from somewhere. They say, “We’ll tax the rich!” except they won’t and the ‘rich’ don’t have enough anyway. The whole thing is a scam and one which will drive the United States into poverty. Not to worry, because along with it will come slavery.

    That’s just one example. Free health care for all. Including illegal aliens. Heck, we’ll just provide free health care for the 7 billion+ on the whole planet while we’re at it. But let’s ask the question: Where are the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel supposed to come from. Oh, sure, they can have a free education at uni. Except, even if enough of them finally ended up to practice after the residency and such, would you want them to treat you? Incompetence reigns supreme and you don’t want that sort of care. Not only that, but you still won’t get free dental care. And you’ll end up paying big pharma with a huge tax load. And you’ll have to wait a while to get into treatment because everyone wants it and personal along with supplies are in short supply. Oh, and not only isn’t dental covered, but eyeglasses and corrective lenses aren’t covered either.

    The magic is that conservatives offer you freedom. Socialists offer you free stuff. Unfortunately, the price tag is far too high. Not only that, but socialists never plan and, as we all know, those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Sure, they tell us that if you give us the money, we will solve the problem, but they never do. Venezuela is a great example of this. You worry about toilet paper? How about not just not having food, but not being able to get water either.

    Socialism is a disaster hiding within empty promises. It’s like a garbage dump after a snowfall: It looks pretty, but you’d better watch where you step, because it’s dangerous.

    1. You won’t make any friends from the armstrongites or former armstrongites who love their democrat party. You know the ones, always vote for the same shrills.
      This is what we get for allowing people with little skin in the game to vote.

      Don’t own property? You can’t vote.
      The people who have no skin in the game are susceptible to politicians who will vote money out of the treasury to buy your vote, and most of us have figured out that this is what socialism is all about. Power and money, but just not much of it for you.

      I might add more on this at a later time. There is so much to say.

  2. James, you might not be aware, but in Vermont, Walmart won’t let you buy seeds for your garden in the store because they aren’t necessary items! That’s so wrong in so many ways. It just fuels the perspective that the multinational corporations are autocratic authoritarian self-contained communist governments who can just ignore established authorities. People might actually need the seeds to survive. Grow a victory garden (subject to local regulations and prohibitions). Join a community garden (if you are still allowed in). You’ll probably need to buy your seeds online, but that’s OK — you might be able to get them sourced from your own country and have a more direct line to the ones who produce them.

    Those who have been in the Worldwide Church of God spent decades believing that the people sitting next to them believed the same things they did and were friends. What a shock to learn that the people you sat next to in services and associated with at the Feasts were so different from you that you had absolutely nothing in common with them! Often, you find out all too late that they were against you and your enemies the whole time, it’s just that they gave the appearance that they were civilized.

    It’s rather amazing that many of the former Armstrongists left to become flaming liberals in the belief that they were now free from cult influences and could think for themselves for the first time. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize that in his own way as a selfish erudite narcissistic corporatist, Herbert Armstrong wasn’t really a conservative: He was a self-centered communist of the sort that believed that people should share everything they had in common with him and he should get everything. Moreover, they don’t seem to realize that they left one cult only to join another — only the narratives were flipped, but in practice, the Democrats are exactly the same as the WCG ministers and administration: Anti-science, anti-fact, centered on the emotionalism of hatred, sexist, racist and actually pretty homophobic under the surface. They are the party of slavery from the very beginning. The party was formed to preserve slavery in the South on the plantations. They opposed the civil rights act against the Republicans. They created the victimhood of helplessness to preserve their own power — just like Herbert Armstrongism. And best of all, they make empty promises of a supposed glorious future under their rulership when they take over.

    It’s all the same. And at the root of it is dystopia squared. They want your money. They take your money to solve problems they never solve and never had any intention of solving. They steal your future to make you feel good, but when you get there, there’s nothing but slavery and poverty with victimhood for all.

    What a terrible trade-off.

  3. And other acog cult leader have followed in the footsteps of Herbie, such as Dave Pack. The people get all the liabilities and Dave Pack gets the increase.

    As a small time prepper, I have heirloom seeds, a reserve of short time and long term foods. I would think that everyone should take responsibility for themselves. Dave Pack isn’t going to feed you. He has no altruistic track record. Gerald Flurry, Ronnie Weinland, and the rest of them have no track record. Its all about them and the dream they sell as a suckers bet.

    As to the USA government and the rest of the dystopians throughout the world, let’s just say that at some time all this dark type of governments will be overthrown at some point. Right now, as one reader pointed out to me some years ago, we are not only living in Huxley’s Brave New World, we live in George Orwell’s 1984 nightmare. Just when it will end? Most likely it will take several generations.
    Here’s a video. Listen to the words.

    There are some aspects of this that the armstrongites will agree with. Such as God’s protection. But they worship Herbert Armstrong and refuse His help, instead choosing slavery over freedom.

    The rest is revolutionary.

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