Mass Insanity and the Psychology of a Revolution

Herd mentality. America goes full Forest Gump. Sad commentary on intelligence in America. Great commentary on how this pandemic should be handled.

Here is a good read but difficult due to the archaic language . Learn human psychology. It can save your ass.
Psychology of a revolution

Learn how we devolve.

“The craving for equality, not only before the law,
but in position and fortune, is the very pivot of the last
product of democracy: Socialism. This craving is so powerful
that it is spreading in all directions, although in contradiction
with all biological and economic laws. It is a new phase of the
interrupted struggle of the sentiments against reason, in which
reason so rarely triumphs.”

“Socialism, the modern synthesis of this
hope, would be a regression to lower forms of evolution, for it
would paralyse the greatest sources of our activity. By
replacing individual initiative and responsibility by collective
initiative and responsibility mankind would descend several steps
on the scale of human values.”