Revisiting “Post-mortem Part Two”

Innocence lost. Many of us newbies, including myself, believed in and respected the God we were taught about in our early years. Years that were outside the confines of armstrongism. Most of us I would imagine had a religious background (conventional Christianity) from either our childhood or our early adult lives. I certainly did. We may have laughed at the obvious religious charlatans running their horse and pony shows over at the Trinity Broadcast System, and laugh we did. We thought that we could never be deceived by the religious charlatan. We thought wrong in our arrogance. So we spent time in the gulag participating in the rituals that we were told “pleased” God. After a time, when the scam was exposed, we accepted that we had been taken as fools for the benefit of unscrupulous men.

Post-mortem. Part Two

Revisiting “Stagnation”

Revisiting Stagnation 8 years later. How did we do?

After 80 years of Armstrongism, you would think they would have gotten somewhere. Instead, Armstrongism is predicated upon stagnation, constantly reinventing wheels, and misguided attempts to “really get serious this time.”

2015: Stagnation

Mega Churches

Mega Churches, and why they the sheep stay and support obvious charlatans.

Now think about the RCG or Gerald Flurrys little church of horrors. Why do they stay?