Linus’ Security Blanket

Did you ever notice the similarity between the Linus security blanket and Herbie’s agenda the splinter groups still espouse to keep the “brethren” enrapt and bankrupt? Especially during the holy days and the money-bleeding, feeding -frenzy feast days. During which time oft repeated warmed over sermons were given. Warning of God’s soon coming wrath and the vengeance that was to be reeked upon Satan’s world.

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Der Fuhrer, Herbert W. Armstrong

Way back in 1984, about two years after my baptism into the Worldwide Church of God, I read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, the classic history of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer. While reading the book, I was struck several times by the similarities between the Third Reich and my church. I should have heeded my misgivings and left the church then, but like a good cult member I pushed unfavorable thoughts to the back of my mind.

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Who Are These People?

This article was posted last year and has significant value to those who are looking for answers.

For the thinking individual this is a great time of the year to leave your cult and free yourselves from the religious scam started by Herbert Armstrong. Click on the link below and learn how one man came to the decision to leave the abject slavery of the WCG and free himself from the shackles of oppression.