Linus’ Security Blanket

Did you ever notice the similarity between the Linus security blanket and Herbie’s agenda the splinter groups still espouse to keep the “brethren” enrapt and bankrupt? Especially during the holy days and the money-bleeding, feeding -frenzy feast days. During which time oft repeated warmed over sermons were given. Warning of God’s soon coming wrath and the vengeance that was to be reeked upon Satan’s world.

Remember how we used to clutch our blankets tighter and press them closer against our cheeks and suck harder on our thumbs? Seeking solace and comfort in the hopeful words of those dickhead pastors who assured we, “The Chosen” The Faithful and True, would inherit the Kingdom of God? That we were destined to be crowned with honor and glory? All to which I reply, in Herbie Caps, B U L L S H I T ! !

Remember that tired old clich,, “The Best Feast Ever!”? That hoary chestnut was repeated year after year. But it had a double meaning for the leeches who preached it. Although we were permitted to have “whatever our soul desireth,” (if our strained budget could stand it), Herbie’s suckbutts lived higher on the hog and the beef. They got the best hotels. For the rest of us, headquarters chose the hotels and motels that gave the biggest kick backs. But apparently some may have refused or balked. For quite a few years our feast site was the O Hara Arena in Dayton Ohio. We always enjoyed staying at the Rodeway Inn, conveniently located near O’Hara and nice restaurants close by. Rodeway served a continental breakfast, and had an excellent staff that gave good service. One year they were not on Worldwide Church of God’s list. We wondered why. We were given the excuse that those particular dates were reserved for a pilots convention that had reserved all the rooms. We really had to scramble to find an approved lodging, as most everything was taken. We finally did locate a hotel. After services one day, we visited Rodeway out of curiosity. We expected a beehive of activity. Instead, the lobby was strangely quiet. I asked the clerk if Rodeway had reserved all its rooms for a pilots convention. “No,” she said, “half of our rooms are empty.” She also said that Worldwide Church of God had not contacted them that year. Go figure..

And when it came time for the offerings, it was “Payday at the Hocking!” Let the fleecing begin! On those particular days, offerings were prefaced by sermon references to scriptures: God comes first. Would a man rob God? God loves a cheerful giver. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Herbie contributed to the financial drain with his own created tithe of the tithe. We were exhorted and urged to give generously to God’s work. Even the youths were given envelopes. Children were encouraged to give pocket change. It’s a wonder we weren’t asked to sell our blood. All money not spent at the feast was to be turned in to the church. Money set aside for the feast was to be used strictly for that purpose. No new tires for those long trips. No tune-ups. So a lot of us who were driving clunkers at the time, were arriving at feast sites on a wing and a prayer, to use an old army airforce phrase. There were also a lot of break-downs enroute.

So God’s work took in a big shit-pot full of money. But sadly it all wound up in Herbie’s coffers. The preying (intentional) pastors, realizing their pay depended upon Herbie’s take, applied the hard sell. We became threatened and guilt-ridden. We gave until it hurt. We gave all glory to god and all of our dough to that goddam pervert.

It’s been quite some time since we left the cult. It took a while to get over the sabbath, holy days, feast days, dietary laws, etc, and return to normal reality. But I must confess, at first a guilt complex set in. I had a strong urge to grab my spiritual security blanket and once again poke my thumb in my mouth. Then, logic, reason and unsuppressed know -ledge took over and chased out all doubt. Plus the fact our standard of living has risen amazingly since our exit from the cult. We are enjoying and appreciating the life that was denied us for over 27 years. We are thinking on our own, making decisions on our own, and as far as I am concerned, all religions are full of crap. And another thing: if there is a god, how much more can he condemn me than the perverted apostle who screwed his own daughter for 12 years and screwed so many of us for a whole lot longer? This is one advantage of being a free thinker. Your mind is unshackled and you are much more inclined to arrive at reasonable conclusions. In his book, “Why I Am Not a Christian” Bertrand Russell has many comments about the subject. Here is a short quote; “—-It is true that Christianity is less robust, but that is not thanks to Christianity; it is thanks to the generations of free thinkers, who, from the Renaissance to the present day, have made Christians ashamed of their traditional beliefs.”

So now I thumb my nose at all those COGs and my Linus blanket has become an oil rag.

Article by Alex

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  1. “But I must confess, at first a guilt complex set in. I had a strong urge to grab my spiritual security blanket and once again poke my thumb in my mouth.”

    This is the same mindset I had until I realized that cult jumping was not the solution. I tried different main stream churches and saw the same type of manipulation. So I quit going to church and decided that religion was a man-made effort not worthy of true spiritual growth.

    Over time I realized that religion was the basis for so much strife in the world. If i was born in a Middle East country I would have embraced some form of Islam. Here in the USA, Christianity is the dominating religion. I grew up in a Catholic going family. I attended Catholic school for the first 4 years of primary school. I was programmed to believe that religion, my religion, was the real thing. I never even questioned Christianity until my mid 30’s.

    The rest is history.

  2. WWCG did have its faults, no one is denying that. It does sadden me what people went through but what is also sad is that you have lost the joy for the truth and don’t even believe God is with you anymore.

    1. To say WCG, “had it’s faults” is like saying, “Adolf Hitler had his faults”. Herbert Armstrong had only one thing in mind when he “invented” WCG, that was Herbert Armstrong. He sought money, prestige, control and adoration. He did not care one bit for the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Heck you really could even say the name “Jesus” by it’s self. That was too sticky sweet. WCG was nothing but a soul crushing evil scam.

  3. Born 1954 during, apparently, the greatest growth in “God’s Work”, took place. In 1994 I looked back on it as my 40 desert wandering. Living on beans and corn bread. Your article says it, so spot on! I often wondered why we couldn’t say Jesus as in the Bible and they said Eternal or Lord in it’s place? Then another wonderment was why do all the elders, etc live in such opulence while my family was literally sweeping dirt in the front yard to make it ready for the Sabbath. At sunset we had to drop what we were doing as ‘preparation day’ had just ended. After leaving, in 1994 it hit me like a ton of bricks . . . we met in ‘Lodges’ and Masonic temples! Who had all the connections? Who became the “pillars” in the church? More recently was WHY was Rothschild sending condolences to a supposedly “unheard of cult”. Remember the park in Jerusalem / Mayor was Teddy Kolleck / our tithe money paid for the replica of the Liberty bell for a “children’s park” Here ya go! ” While CIA station chief in Rome, the CIA’s Angleton “worked closely with the Zionist terrorists Teddy Kollek and Jacob Meridor, and later became chief of the Israeli desk at the CIA, helping Philby to set up the lavishly funded international Mossad espionage operation, all paid for by American taxpayers.”

    1. Interesting link you have there. You got to wonder just how corrupt men can be. These ‘apostles’ seeking out power and little boys is a theme among corrupt, perverted men. Of course we saw this in the wcg and it exists in the whore’s daughter churches today. Armstrongism, by observation, is ‘of the world and by the world’ just as is all religions. They seek to answer the questions we all want answered. What is there after death?

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