Blind Bat

Blast from the past by former WCG minister, John O.

“Let’s face it. Only those who have no real education have prostituted themselves to the Herbie culture. They saw the comfort of the coming years, their rich futures and luxuries secured.  With this in mind, loyalty to the parasite provided wealth, and the justification for participating in something they KNOW is wrong.”

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Yes, I lost it tonight. I lost it because I let myself be angered by your abrasiveness. It’s a quality you’ve perfected over the years. And if you can’t see this fault, or your other faults, then you are blind indeed. And if you CAN see them, but won’t admit to them, or, as you say, confess them in private to “someone who matters,” then what kind of man are you?
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Good and Evil are what results from Empathy and Apathy. When one is indifferent they let go the reigns of hope. When one has Empathy they open themselves up to others and share in their pain. Empathy offers hope and engenders respect. It is uplifting, and in its purest form it is love, the giving and sharing that cannot be destroyed by the indifference of apathy.

If a cult-member is apathetic, then they’re content and will seek NO further. They will not advance in their education, and so they’ll never bother to deeply study their gurus questionable theology.

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