Return To Innocence

We have another video for you for the July 4th holiday….

This video, made in 2006, is part two of what I call, the ‘Silent Warrior Series’. We start this journey exploring the American Indians being enslaved by the missionaries, to the modern slavery of the nuclear family by religious gurus. Herbert W. Armstrong was one of many gurus.

From that point on we lean in with some sound psychology, and then reunion with those we hurt by our trusting in others that cared not for us.

This is the experience of not one man, but many who contributed to this project. We end with some added text basically eliminating most of the previous credits.

As always, let the music be your guiding light…

Best viewed in full screen.

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  1. This video is so spot on with just what Herbert Armstrong’s church was. Getting out of a cult is so much harder than joining one. It takes courage and determination to free yourself of defective thinking.

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