Blind Bat

Blast from the past by former WCG minister, John O.

“Let’s face it. Only those who have no real education have prostituted themselves to the Herbie culture. They saw the comfort of the coming years, their rich futures and luxuries secured.  With this in mind, loyalty to the parasite provided wealth, and the justification for participating in something they KNOW is wrong.”

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Searching for my Tribe – Growing up gay in a Cult

There I sat.  Alone amid 250 other people, feeling as though all eyes were on me, especially Dr. Duke’s.  It was Epistles of Paul class in the Science Lecture Hall.  I have never felt such despair descend upon me like I had felt that day.  There I sat, a gay boy in a theology lecture, being told, no admonished about the perverseness of homosexuality.  Being read to, or at more precisely, from the Bible the words that would seal my fate.  That “those” men, lovers of themselves, would never inherit the Kingdom of God.  That I, on judgment day, would be cast into the Lake of Fire along with all the other sinners, that I would never be able to express my love and share my life in a way that had always felt natural to me. 

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