Is “Armstrongism” The Problem?

The Solution?

There are people on the Web who seem to be on a crusade to capture people who are leaving a Church of God (COG) and get these people back to traditional Christianity. I’m sure some of these sites are funded by traditional Churches or religious groups. If a site has a lot of material on it and looks too slick or professional it’s a good bet it’s got some money behind it. I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one such site run by a former COG member is being funded by some traditional Christian group or “cult watchers”. Another warning sign is when a site seems to want to blame all the woes of Church members on Armstrong and other COG leaders, while avoiding criticisms of traditional Christianity. They would have former COG members believe their whole problem is the way Armstrong and his ministers misinterpreted the Bible, and that if only we go back to the “correct interpretation”, keep Sunday, Easter, and Christmas, and believe in the Trinity, we’ll be back to where we should be. Praise the Lord.

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Revisiting the “MANPOWER PAPERS”

For our newer audience….

In 1961 at the behest of the Armstrongs a “manpower committee” comprising 15 of the leading men of Ambassador College (AC) was formed. The noble purpose of this committee was to evaluate AC students-especially male students-and determine whether or not to employ them at AC or in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) upon graduation. The Manpower Committee, however, quickly degenerated into a high-level gossip session in which a group of corporate misfits combined to destroy the reputation of numerous students whose only offense may have been intellectual resistance to the doctrinal intimidation and personal prejudices of AC/WCG officials while attending to their formal education.

The Infamous ManPower Papers