Part I: The Corrupt Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong

In this short series we introduce the new readers to the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong. His character, his life work, his corruption and sexual deviancy. 


Corruption is a blight that can infiltrate every aspect of society, including religious institutions. Herbert W. Armstrong, the founder of the Worldwide Church of God, was a charismatic figure who wielded immense power and influence. However, his legacy is tarnished by allegations of corruption, misuse of funds, and manipulation of his followers. Part one of this essay will delve into the dark side of Armstrong’s leadership, highlighting the corruption that marred his religious empire.

Financial Exploitation:

One of the most significant accusations against Herbert W. Armstrong is his financial exploitation of his followers. Armstrong amassed considerable wealth through the tithes and donations of his congregation, but instead of using these funds for charitable purposes or church development, he funneled them into his personal ventures. Reports suggest that Armstrong used the money to acquire luxurious properties, private jets, and extravagant personal possessions. This blatant misuse of funds demonstrates his disregard for the trust and faith placed in him by his followers.

Doctrinal Manipulation:

Another aspect of Armstrong’s corrupt leadership was his manipulation of religious doctrine. He claimed to be a prophet with divine revelations and presented his teachings as absolute truth. Many of his doctrines where founded by other religious groups such as the Mormons, the JW’s, ect.

Armstrong’s dogmatic approach left no room for dissent or critical thinking, effectively brainwashing his followers and creating a cult-like atmosphere. This control over the minds of his followers allowed him to maintain his grip on power, further perpetuating his corrupt practices.

Sexual Misconduct:

Armstrong’s corruption extended beyond financial exploitation and doctrinal manipulation. Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against him over the years. Former followers have come forward, accusing Armstrong of engaging in inappropriate relationships with multiple women within the church. These allegations paint a disturbing picture of a religious leader who abused his position of authority for personal gratification, further undermining his credibility and integrity. (MORE ON THIS NEXT WEEK)

Authoritarian Rule:

Armstrong’s leadership style was marked by authoritarianism, leaving little room for dissent or transparency. He operated his religious empire with an iron fist, suppressing any criticism or questioning of his actions. This autocratic approach enabled him to consolidate power and maintain control over his followers, perpetuating the corruption within his organization.


The corruption of Herbert W. Armstrong is a dark chapter in the history of religious leadership. His financial exploitation, doctrinal manipulation, sexual misconduct, and authoritarian rule created an environment rife with corruption and abuse. It is essential to shed light on these dark aspects of Armstrong’s legacy to ensure that lessons are learned, and religious institutions remain vigilant against such abuses of power. By exposing the truth, we can work towards preventing more of these charismatic leaders like Herbie who exploit the trust and faith of their followers for personal gain.

Although the ACOG’s lack any real charismatic leaders at this time, we must stand diligent not to allow ourselves, or our families to be exploited by these types of parasites ever again. Once should be enough for the wise, two times for those who lack the wisdom to learn by their mistakes, and three times for the truly stupid who walk among us. Think RCG.

End Part 1

Next week, Part II on the sexcapades of Herbert w. Armstrong.

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