The First Fairy Tale

As the flock continued to grow, there were those members who, quite naturally, desired either to divorce their present spouses or, having already been divorced prior to conversion, re-marry. “A thorough, heart-rending study of scripture(with much prayer and fasting) yielded but one conclusion,” Herbert said. “Divorce and re-marriage has been, is, and will always continue to be against Gods law.

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Feast of Tabernacles At Belknap Springs with Brother Kiez and Brother Walker from Church of God Seventh Day

As World War II comes to a complete end, and the world plunges on into a so-called “Peace-time” chaos, during which we shall experience troubles such as never before in a time of so- called peace—with race-riots soon to break out all over America…

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The Feast of Tabernacles

Most of the people of the Armstrongist churches of God have one thing in common: They are boozing alcoholics. It bonds them. It makes them comfortable with each other.

Sometimes the truth hurts………….

Herbert Armstrong was a boozing alcoholic. That may be one reason he wanted to spring from the Church of God Seventh Day: He wanted to continue to wallow in his alcoholic solution to problems. Garner Ted Armstrong was an alcoholic. David Jon Hill was an alcoholic. Regional pastors in the hinterland were alcoholics. The whole WCG was top heavy with alcoholics and that defined the character of the church (or lack of it). Alcohol permeated the entire structure.



Time to clean up your messes, you armstrongites!

Why do the local communities that host the FOT in their community mourn when the armstrongites leave town? Booze sales plummet after the armstrongites leave town.

ATTENTION ARMSTRONGITES! Recycling centers are standing by. Do not place your empty bottles in the garbage. Look for the recycle bin at your hotel establishment!

The real fun is about to start. Cleaning up after these piss poor examples of Christians might take weeks, even months! Vomit covered carpets, spilled alcohol, these cannot be cleaned in just a day….

Time to clean up after those Armstrongites!