How its done: Cults

We’ve been discussing ‘ & David C. Pack . Many viewers have asked “Why don’t we call them and/or refer to them as cults? How It’s Done TV has made a separate series called – . To help look further into how a cult is defined. For a point of reference, ‘ , 2 – 1 “” is used. We felt that the level of professional experts & their excellent documentary of facts. Was the best way to help break down the topic & help educate viewers. While our guest , who’s a former a 20+ years minister for . Along with guest , a former member & employee of . Discussed their views & experiences, which may or may not define their churches as cults. We leave it up to the viewers to decide for themselves.

Who mourns for David C. Pack?

The man who sets himself up as a prophet within the restored church of gauud and grand visionary over a set of biblical illiterates members who deserve to be swindled by a wolf…..


and we all know how this horse and pony show will end…