Message(s) for David C. Pack

Found these by accident today. These videos have to do with the self proclaimed false apostle, David C. Pack. It seems he is not loved by all of his lemmings.

Published on Oct 15, 2013

David C Pack of Restored Church of God is teaching false doctrines. He leaves out the Messiah and calls it a spirit of error to “mix” or “inject” the Savior into the gospel of the kingdom. He is anti-Messiah. He is teaching that only his church is acceptable to God and all others are false. He worships HWA, just read his about us on his site. He is building an empire for himself and counting on the splinters to help cover the cost of his human coveting. In the meantime, he is telling his members we have a short time for the end of days to come.

Rom 11:26 And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:

Below, you will find the original weekly letters, that Pack then went back and changed the titles and wording to cover the lies. Compare to the new ones on RCG site. It is all man made prophecy. Be careful whom you follow! You can also see on 10/11/13 letter that he admitted HWA made false predictions of the end to happen in early 70’s. They have no shame, when the Son does not know nor the angels, only the Father knows the day and the hour.”

“Hey David! Just wanted to send you a message and tell you you look and sound so much like the god you mistakenly worship: Herbert W. Armstrong, and your church is part of Laodicea that have half their faith in the Old Covenant Law and have your faith in the New Covenant reality of that Law: Jesus Christ. Watch for the amazing comparisons and details.”

Last COG Standing

Several months ago, after reading a few of the Friday night specials from RCG, I wrote the following, but forgot about it when I got Gilbert and Sullivanish.

After glancing at the last two RCG postings – 17 and 18 I think, I wondered … what if another COG had decided to amalgamate somehow with RCG? That action could be made to appear like a fulfilment of the Haggai prophecy, with the hope of other COGs following suit…

Last COG Standing
One can look forward to Friday to find the latest installment of why the RCG is the best COG ever.

Some time ago, former RCG members mentioned how Mr CEO Pack was trying to run his organization like a business – actually, like a health food business. But now, rather cooperative merger discussions with the competition, like the new Pope is holding with Lutherans and Eastern Orthodox (at least that’s what I gather from COGWriter) Mr CEO Pack has been moving closer to a buyout, merger or even a hostile takeover. In a sermon a while back, APG (Apostle Pastor-General) Pack indicated how C21 wanted to merge with RCG, but this failed over disagreement on corporate structure, including of course, top dog of the new COG.

Rather than attempt merger, the move is asset stripping – like the corporate practice of buying a company, taking what it wants, and dumping whatever remains. The assets sought are the members, and any ministers who will subordinate themselves in the expanded RCG.

One of the RCG audio programs some years ago gave a sign of the “True Church” was it was small in size, a remnant flock. So the move afoot would be to become the “biggest small flock”. As the other COGs fold, the RCG will be the Last COG Standing. We know the other splinters will belly-up, because Mr CEO Pack said so. Showing true Philadelphian brotherhood to his fellow COG leaders, APG Pack told us the decrepit state the others were in. To prove this assertion, we were informed the other COG ministers will either admit to their members their organization is floundering, or they would do a cover-up. Nice to give two points of view, both negative.

After thoughts…

After re-reading this, an alternative to WCG’s view of early church history came to mind. Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity, by Walter Bauer (1934 in German, 1971 in English). Bauer argued that as Christianity developed, and spread from Jerusalem, it diversified, being adapted and modified by diverse cultures. (also covered in Lost Christianities, by Bart Ehrman, which is easier to read than Bauer…) Eventually, Rome dominated. Perhaps we could substitute Pasadena for Jerusalem, and Wadsworth for Rome…