Pondering on Passover, Pentecost and Pastor Pack


May 19 2013 will be the 40th Pentecost Sunday, as opposed to Monday, for those of the WCG persuasion – counting from 1974, inclusive.

Living in a virtual Ponderosa, I tend to do a lot of pondering. Some of the time, it’s about how a young steer is like a COG – you have to keep feeding it, and all you get for your effort is what comes out the other end. Other times it’s the ponderous polemics of Pastor-General Pack.

Recently, ponderings have been Passover to Pentecost, covenants, and how those of the remnant COGs seem to understand the Temple system, sacrifices, and the Levites. I don’t remember the theme of WCG Pentecost sermons – “theme” as the Day of Atonement sermon was always about Satan – but it was probably Firstfruits, and the beginning of “The Church”. There’s a problem with Firstfruits too, as the Day of Firstfruits is day from which the days are counted; Pentecost, or Shavuot, is a second harvest, or a second Firstfruits…

When a sermon references Acts 2, with Peter explaining he’s not drunk, ministers like to make little remarks like, it’s 9 AM, the pubs aren’t open yet. I never heard a minister explain that Peter meant it was Shacharis – morning prayers and the commencement of sacrifices at the 3rd hour. Peter and the other followers were in the Temple for Shavuot. To Jews, the “tongues” spoken on Pentecost would make them think of Sinai: by tradition, the Law was given on the first Shavuot, and it was spoken in “70 languages”.

In Acts 3, Peter and John are still going to the Temple. By the time we get to the writing of Hebrews, over 30 years have passed. Of course, WCG teaching uses Hebrews to justify tithing – the Temple and the Levitical priesthood are out, Melchizedek and the Church are in. Even biblical translators had an unwitting hand in this, playing with some of the verb tenses, which can make on-going actions appear as past – and as much as COG scholars like to refer to Greek words, I’ve never seen an attempt to correct the tense problem.

There is much more to this, but I was sidetracked by the latest instalment of the weekly RCG update. Episode 12, Haggai part 1 left me flabbergasted, and I’ve got enough flab of my own. From what it is hinting at, the Apostle Pastor-General may be about to claim he is the prophesied Joshua who is to come after Zerubbabel (assumed to have been HWA). Along a connected plot line, my suspicions are that he will say the RCG is the House of God – though more likely spiritual than physical. I’ll be waiting for the next instalment, same Pack time, same Pack channel. And I suppose it’s no surprise that the name Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew) is derived from the verb meaning salvation, and in Greek is rendered as Jesus.

Once again, I will agree with a Pack prediction: splinter leaders will tell their sheep the prophecies cited in the instalment mean something different.

And as we are dealing with prophecy, Haggai part 1 contained an insult by omission of the good Dr T: “Recent, newer, self-appointed ‘prophets’ … on the lunatic fringe…”; “Large – Gerald Flurry. Medium – Ron Weinland. Small – not worth naming.”


False “APOSTLE” Dave Pack

Michael H Venish

Published on Jan 22, 2013.

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The leader of The Restored Church of God David C Pack, claims he has not disfellowshipped one person world wide in the thirteen years of his church/organizations existence. He published a letter in magazine format, to dispel the supposed lies and false statements about him on the internet to exonerate himself. Listen to the sermon The MAN of SIN Uncovered – 2Thess 2 at http://michaelvenish.wozaonline.co.za…



By Their FRUITS you will know THEM!

Packing Authority, for crying out loud!

In weekly installments, Dave Pack continues to position RCG as Top COG, by showing the other COGs are worse off financially and administratively.


In Cry Aloud, Spare Not, Mr Pack lashes out against other COGs and congregations lacking whole-hearted commitment to “the work”. Starting with Isa. 58:1 (“spare not”) he then uses Matt 7:29 (“having authority”) out of context, quotes various colorful terms Jesus used when speaking of evildoers. Following along are quotes from HWA’s notorious 1967 member letter – the one in which HWA uses Loma on her deathbed to demand money. Back in the Clarion Call sermon, Mr Pack conveys his envy of HWA’s masterful writing skills.


The point apparently being made is that the self-evident 21st Century Apostle believes he must obey his commission to “speak with authority” which he interprets as name-calling leaders of other COGs and lethargic (insufficiently sacrificing) members.


My two shekels worth is about the misuse of Matt 7:28-29: When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law. (NIV) These verses a section of Matthew that begins with the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus had been expounding the Law, not denouncing critics.


As for authority, the crowds were amazed that Jesus stated his take on a number of issues without reference to scholarly interpretation. Other teachers of the Law would quote their teacher, who may quote another teacher; some may give 50 different interpretations of a single verse from the Torah. Jesus obviously didn’t do that and I suppose one who wished to speak “with authority” would not be repeatedly quoting his teacher (HWA).


Some of the teachings in this section of Matthew had diverse interpretations in the first century. Among Pharisees, there were two opposing camps, the House of Shammai, and the House of Hillel (grandfather of Paul’s teacher, Gamaliel).  Jesus’ teachings were usually closer to that of the more liberal Hillel than the stricter Shammai. A notable exception was divorce, as Hillel taught that a man could divorce his wife for simply serving a bad meal.


Mr Pack wants to use the “strong words” that Jesus leveled at corrupt rulers, hypocrites, those with teachings or traditions that contradict scripture, and so on. I’d say that Ambassador Report covered a good share of these at the WCG. Let’s see, corruption – siphoning off tithe money (the tithing doctrine itself twisted scripture to enforce a teaching that was very specific), hypocrisy – teaching against doctors while HWA had the finest medical care, contradicting scripture – sacrifice to give to the Church rather than help sick or elderly non-member parents (“honor your father and your mother”) – telling members to borrow money from the bank under false pretenses to give to the Church (lying, fraud) – and many more.


But Mr Pack is right about one thing; he did forever change my view of Isaiah 58:1.


For more on Mr Pack, see AR 32 under the heading “David Pack’s Reign of Terror