Holy Hell: How to become a cult leader.

From ‘Decider’:
“How To Become A Cult Leader explores the inner workings of six infamous cult leaders, one of which is the failed Hollywood star Jaime Gomez, who founded the Buddhafield cult in the 1980s.

Gomez was a ruthless ruler who made his followers undergo plastic surgery and follow a strict diet, which prohibited sugar, gluten, alcohol and more. As time went on, some followers were made to “try out” the surgical procedures so that Gomez could study the results.

In addition, the docuseries details serious sexual abuse allegations against Gomez. “When I suggested that I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore, his answer to me was, ‘Well, maybe you don’t need to be here anymore. Maybe you’ve outgrown this,” one former cult member said. “It’s like being threatened with excommunication. I didn’t want to pay that price. What would I do? Where would I go?”” Read MORE.

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