Bret Weinstein on Tucker Carlson: 17 million died from COVID ‘vax’

Dr. Bret Weinstein has a PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan. He has been a tenured professor, author, lecturer and was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University for the James Madison Program. He was an early proponent of Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

You may click on the below picture to link to the Tucker Carlson Encounter interview, in which he mentions the estimate of 17 million people dying from the mRNA shot (proven spectacularly ineffective in preventing infection and passing the disease but having spectacular side effects including, but not restricted to, death):


2024: Be Brave

Here at the Painful Truth, we don’t make predictions or prophecies, we follow trends and project them forward to get a glimpse of what might be. There is one very clear trend which has developed in 2023 which will heavily impact societies throughout the world for the next year, the next decade and even decades to come. What is ahead for 2024?

There have been informal surveys, of course, and the preponderance of opinion is that we should all just skip 2024. That does present two problems. For one, 2024 is a leap year, so we have to make up that extra day somewhere along the line. For some countries, there is an election coming up in 2024 and we’d all have to pretend that we had one, the same way we did in 2020. That may be OK. The head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab tells us that we shouldn’t bother with elections any more and everything should be run by Artificial Intelligence (AI), since it’s a lot better than the way things are now.

Not too much of significance happened in 2023, except Henry Kissinger died at 100 years old and went straight to hell. He was a war monger, helped open the way to the Chinese producing pretty much everything purchased in the United States, particularly pharmaceuticals, by working for President Nixon to open diplomatic relations with China. He was a mentor to Klaus Schwab. He was a pioneer in a lot of the globalist elite efforts to make the entire world a worldwide Home Owner’s Association / despotic one world government gulag. He did something unexpected though, in his last year alive — he admitted he was wrong. It’s too bad he never convinced Klaus Schwab to admit his mistakes.

2023 has been the year of the globalists, elite, leftist, all with new and amazing claims from the vision of the world as it should be. You must already be aware that the goal of the globalist billionaire elites is to pad their own pockets with even more wealth, to acquire even more power and influence, eliminate any potential competition and, most importantly, to become immortal — either by extending their lives through DNA manipulation based on the experimental mRNA administered to the estimated 6 billion people or to download their consciousness into an electronic ‘cloud’. They have their proponents, the lying media, to further their aims with such insane proposals that men can become pregnant, we should all eat bugs, people should be locked down because of fear of pandemics, that global warming is a thing and, late in 2023, propose mosquito sandwiches. Yes, it’s now a thing. Here’s hoping you haven’t missed the slop from the sewers as being wonderful cuisine from Ethiopia. It shows we’re well on our way for the new vision of our world.

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The Reedley Biolab Incident Should Have Everyone Very Concerned

Chinese sets up illegal biolab in California with dangerous pathogens.