Black Charity

In the 1970s, the ministers of the Wordwide Church of God were pushing older members to change their wills to give all their money to the WCG rather to pass it on to the next generations of their own families. After all, the WCG was doing the most important work on the face of the earth and anyway, the world wasn’t going to last much longer. You might as well give away your heritage because you won’t have one….

The following story could just as well be told for the Philadelphia Church of God, the Restored Church of God, Living Church of God or any of who knows how many splinters are left:

Bonus: For you servants of false gods, know the damage you have done and know that there is no forgiveness for you:

Tax the Churches

Newsweek reported that over 88,000 churches in America received in excess of $7 billion in PPP loans during the Covid-19 pandemic. Once churches start running to the government for taxpayer money, it is high time that they are audited, taxed accordingly, and treated like the businesses that they represent in our society similar to the rest of the services economy.