Dear Theologian

Religion is a powerful thing. Few can resist its charms and few can truly break its embrace. It is the siren who entices the wandering traveler with songs of love and desire and, once successful, turns a mind into stone. It is a Venus fly trap. Its attraction is like that of drugs to an addict who, wishing to be free and happy, becomes trapped and miserable.

But the saddest part of the dependency is the fact that most participants are willing victims. They think they are happy. They believe religion has kept its promises and have no desire to search elsewhere. They are deeply in love with their faith and have been blinded by that love–blinded to the point of unquestioning sacrifice.

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Contradictions in the Bible

For many believers, the internal consistency of the Jewish and Christian scriptures is important because they feel that any inconsistencies or contradictions could challenge belief in truth of their contents and the view that they are of divine origin.

This rundown is intended to distinguish potential issues in the Bible, particularly those that are innate in a literalist or fundamentalist translation. Remember, be that as it may, that what establishes a legitimate issue is somewhat a matter of emotion and/or assessment.

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Questions For Bible-Thumpers

Reverend Jim Huber

The following are questions I have about the Bible and Christianity

I’ve asked most of them of folks who have written to complain about my site. I have not yet received adequate answers. I realize that not all Christians are Bible-thumpers, and not all Bible-thumpers believe exactly the same thing. When answering these questions, feel free to skip those which do not apply to you. It might be helpful to explain why a certain question does not apply, but it’s not required.
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