Bob Thiel Lies

On Thiels cult website he writes:

“As far as false prophecies go, Herbert W. Armstrong had misunderstandings related to WWII and sometimes pointed to dates that he should not have–and we do not attempt to defend his errors. To his credit, however, he asserted that he was not a prophet.

Thiel, you need to repent!

The Cult leader Who cried “Wolf”

A Shepard tasked with tending to a flock of sheeple near his quaint village of Wadsworth decides to have a little fun with his sheeple. “Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!” he cries out! The sheeple prepare but nothing comes to pass. The Shepard laughs at them. He then pulls this shit several more times.

Those whose ears were likely ringing by now from the lies told by the Shepard realize that “fool me five times should be a shame on us”. The lesson learned should be: No one believes a liar, even when he speaks the truth. But then again, only fools never learn from following a pied piper!