Time to clean up your messes, you armstrongites!

Why do the local communities that host the FOT in their community mourn when the armstrongites leave town? Booze sales plummet after the armstrongites leave town.

ATTENTION ARMSTRONGITES! Recycling centers are standing by. Do not place your empty bottles in the garbage. Look for the recycle bin at your hotel establishment!

The real fun is about to start. Cleaning up after these piss poor examples of Christians might take weeks, even months! Vomit covered carpets, spilled alcohol, these cannot be cleaned in just a day….

Time to clean up after those Armstrongites!

The Feast is no Longer Enough

“Just be sure that no matter where these little social get togethers are being held, they are near some major shopping mall. For it is that the ACoGs have gone secular and they learned long ago to shop during the Feast of Tabernacles.”

One of our more endearing articles about the changes taking place within Armstrongism. From December, 2015 one of more revealing articles show you the reader just where Armstrongism is heading…

The Feast is no longer enough