If you’re going to bribe your god, the approach of the savages — as unsophisticated as they may have been — is superior to that of those of us with the benefit of thousands of years of civilization. We no longer even pretend to give our sacrifice (which has transmogrified from produce to crass currency of money) to our god to win his / her / its favor, but we now give it to an intermediary — a priest, a pastor, a religious leader, or worse, to a giant soulless corporation with no face or humanity.

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Revisiting “Strident”

Herbert Armstrong’s ideas and opinions were certainly well beyond one or two standard deviations from the norm. For the normal rational mind, the doctrine of British Israelism is a very strange proposition: That the United States and British Commonwealth are descendants from the lost tribes of Israel is preposterous. . Herbert Armstrong was a kook.


Prophecy Bullshit comes Alive

Everywhere we turn in today’s world it seems we are beset by self-proclaimed “prophets” trying to make a profit by predicting the future for us. We can read our daily horoscope in the local newspaper, consult a palm reader in our area, read what the ten leading psychics predict will befall whoever, or tune in to radio evangelists proclaiming what the Bible foretells for the future. Most of these prognosticators do well to have a prophetic batting average as high as .200. Looked at another way, these seers are wrong more than 80% of the time!

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