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I have chosen to host this blog on my server due to what seems to be the unreliable service that google gives. A simple software issue took down all my accounts rendering the former blog,  e-mail account and what I was doing at the time, (setting up a new YouTube account) along with disabling my account for a day. I don’t appreciate that fine treatment!

Anyway, I invite everyone to grab a “Gravatar” (the link is at the upper right of this page) as a way to identify yourself. Easy to make and better yet, it’s free.

For the month of June we had Dick Armstrong as guest of the former blog. He had wrote me mid-month that he was going to post some more as time allowed.  I was hoping for a fresh post on the 28th due to him signing in and saving a draft without text.  Perhaps another day.

On another note, if you try to post a comment to one of the former posting before the month of July, it will not show up. I was able to import the former blog postings of the editors, but the comments did not import. Hence I supplied a link to those comments.

In a few days we will have another guest editor. I hope you like what we have come up with here and if you have any suggestions feel free to post them here.

Later this summer we will have some other interesting guests! Stay tuned!

Paradise Recovered

James here. I received a letter some time back from a Andie Becker. I wish to share an excerpt of this letter here on this blog…..



My name is Andie Redwine, and I am the writer and producer for a new film coming out in 2010 called Paradise Recovered. I was born and raised in the Worldwide Church of God and left at the age of 18. This website was amazingly helpful at assisting me in understanding what had happened to me in the group. Ed Mentell was incredibly helpful as I have spent ten years gathering research, doing some personal healing, and writing a script that I think can be universally helpful to people who have been abused by religious groups.

I am not sure what cast of characters exist on this site these days, as I have not honestly had the time to check the site in over a year, and I am not sure if there are still listservs that people are in. We are starting to assemble some test audiences, and I thought that it might be interesting to have a few of the contributors of this board look over our film and give some feedback.

This isn’t an anti-faith film, but it is a pro-freedom film. That is, some choose faith in the film and some do not, and no one is condemned for either choice. But we’d like your opinions on it, and honestly, I made the film to pay back the incredible debt that I owe to people like Ed Mentell and the late John Trechek.

See the trailer here: www.paradiserecovered.com