It’s All About The Money!

Over the years people have emailed the Painful Truth believing that we don’t understand their particular group. They quote the bible to no end thinking that we are ignorant in our understanding of Armstrongism and/or the bible. We are not.

It seems that the idea of a church raising funds (for the benefit of the elite leadership) under the guise of religion never occurred to them. They should have asked a fundamental question, “Who benefits?

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Herbert Armstrong. Losing his Dick.

“God permitted this to go just so far, and NO FARTHER. Dick was allowed to be carried as near death as is humanly possible and still live. But he was protected from death — and he will be delivered out of this, and healed.”
Herbert W. Armstrong

One of the most shameful letters that Herbert Armstrong ever put out. Trying to raise money as his son lay dying in a hospital.

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