Useful Idiots

Americans should pause and reflect on the lies they are being sold. Masks are just a form of psychological manipulation.

Shutting down the entire United States over a virus that looks to be less deadly than an average flu virus – particularly among those under 80 who are not already sick – has resulted in mass unemployment and economic destruction. More Americans may die from the wrong-headed efforts to fight the virus than from the virus itself.

To all you weak minded people who fear the virus and believe government over common sense, you deserve your slavery.

Fauci Knew since 2005 that Malaria Drug Can Cure Corona Viruses

Reader may be wondering why we are publishing so many articles related to the Corona19 virus. Well, its like this. All of us are being overwhelmed by the decisions of those who rule over us, the politicians. However you feel about politics or politicians or political party’s, the fact is, these people make decisions based on how it benefits them. Not you, but them. For the people, by the people is a concept, and not a reality. The Painful Truth has dealt with the Armstrong based religious parasites on the ass of humanity for over 23 years, now its the time for awhile to make a go towards another more harmful parasite, the politician. 

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