In February, 2004, the editor at the Painful Truth website contacted me. He asked if I would write a piece concerning what I would say to the next-generation Worldwide Church of God (WCG) members and those who have split off from this “mother” church. He wanted me to express what would be most important for me to try and get those people to understand. He had asked a few others to do the same thing.

Blast from the past… Betty J. Brogaard

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Herbert Armstrong Puts the Church “Back on the Track”

Besides being a high school dropout, HWA was a uneducated man. A conman to be exact. And actually, a pretty smart conman to pull off what he did.

Herbert Armstrong sure had a lot of words to his ‘sermons.’ But the truth is, the vast majority of his ranting’s were nothing but un-spiritual shit, and little to nothing he ever preached was of any scholarly value.

But the one thing that none of us was aware of as we sat listening or reading his soul destroying material, is that he was damaging us not only psychologically, but physically altering our brain structure.

From Psychology Today we read…

Depression is an experience of depletion. You’re worn down, hollowed out, devoid of enthusiasm or vitality. Your senses are dull, perhaps to the point of taking in very little around you. Research has noted that our moods are affected the most by what we take in through our senses. What we smell, hear, see, feel, and taste are processed neurobiologically, but emotionally as well.

Make sure you read the entire article. It can be found HERE.

  • Under the heading entitled “HEAR” it says “Studies show that using meaningful sounds will produce theta waves, the deep relaxing brain waves one attains when meditating.”

How about angry words, or words that condemn you, make you hate or doubt yourself? What do these words do to your inner mind. How do they psychologically damage you? The answer is, that they inflict lasting physical effects on your brain structure. Read this HERE.

So with that warning in place, here’s an old guilt trip rant by the apostle of malpractice, Herbert W. Armstrong, heretic and chief. That is if you can stand it!

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November 11, 1949 Co-Worker Letter. Why Did God Let Us Win WWII Despite our National Sins?

The answer? So The Radio Church of God Could be Founded!

This bit of propaganda from the pen of Herbert Armstrong is striking in that he tries to convince his readers that the church he founded will have a future falling away. He wrote:

“But Christ foretold a turning away from His Message. He said MANY FALSE TEACHERS would rise and mislead nearly all.”

What he couldn’t have known is that he himself would plant the seeds of destruction by appointing Joseph Tkach as his successor.  So much for Herbie being a prophet.

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