The Painful Truth is Closing Down…

The Painful Truth has decided to soon leave the Alphabet company behind due to their tactics of oppressing free speech. Let us explain our move away from this tyrannical company. The solution is to move into another platform that does not suppress anyone’s freedom of speech.

Google is one of the most powerful companies on earth. The extent to which it has already intertwined itself with our lives is astonishing. It is there in the background, all the time, humming along, helping us perform our daily tasks, and doing a better job of it every day. All the while watching, watching, and storing what is sees.

A notable feature of totalitarianism, hard and soft, is its enmity towards privacy. Totalitarians want to own you, body and soul, and therefore can brook no private lives in their subjects; private thoughts might incubate radical sentiment, and so potentially pose a mortal threat to the regime. You give them clicks, you are giving them money, and they are using that money against you.

So FUCK YOU google!