Revisiting “Sacrifice”

So those of you who are still addicted to making sacrifice for Armstrongist cults, understand that your efforts are futile: The leaders will waste your money, you will live a diminished life and, in the end, there will be nothing left to show for it.


Dave Pack’s Cult

The following came in the mail recently….


Join host Dawn Blue as she interviews a former member/employee of The Restored Church of God, headed up by David Pack who calls himself Christ’s apostle. Its origins stem from Herbert Armstrong’s controversial Worldwide Church of God. Answering questions posed by the locals & around the globe.
Part 1 of this interview explores topics from The Restored Church of God’s religious beliefs, finances, & history. Get an inside view of the “mysterious church across from Giant Eagle” that locals have been talking about for years. Who’ve referred to it as cult-like & pilfering members assets for extra tithing collections.
Part 2: Diving deeper into The Restored Church of God’s invention of “Common”. Allowing the church to make substantial economic gains & still not disclosing financial records to its members. We also discuss David Pack being a self-proclaimed Apostle & the impact of his doomsday preaching.
Back Story: Restored Church of God has been a major topic of discussion for years around my town. The rumors, speculations, & conspiracy theories were to much. So I decided to seek out information to clear things up & find the truth.

Don’t know if there’s a part one. -James

Happy Mothers Day!

To all you Moms and Grandmas out there, Happy Mothers Day!

From the STP Project, Chapter 23 we read:

“In the area of celebration of nonreligious holidays, the Worldwide Church of God has never taken any stand against the observance of various and sundry days during the course of each calendar year, whether they be national or personal. In all countries around the world( our members keep nonreligious days which are special to their countries or themselves. For example, the majority of American Church members celebrate Thanksgiving day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday and the like. Other personal days have long been commonly observed by Worldwide Church of God members, days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and wedding anniversaries. These are commonly observed either through the exchanging of gifts (as in Mother’s and Father’s Days), the celebration over a family meal (as in Thanksgiving), or merely abstaining from work or going on an outing (such as Labor Day, the Fourth of July, etc.)”

Exchanging of gifts as in Mother’s and Father’s Days was ok, but Christmas was a taboo. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Best to all you Moms. Make your husbands cook the family dinner. If not see diagram below for instructions!