Getting in on the Doom and Gloom Dec 21st

Bob Dixon

Well EVERYONE seems to be getting in on the doom and gloom Dec 21st.

For all of you viewers, I’d like to be the first in print on Painful, that nothing is going to happen.. period. That planet they worry about( Nibiru) is AT LEAST 1,200 YEARS away if I count “SHARS” of 3,600 years forget that one..the planet of the gods is not responsible. What is all the fuss? Mayan calendar? Well now, lets see they dissolved and dispersed.. no one there to CONTINUE the calendar so, no end of world there.

Here’s what we do have for 2012 coming up in my minds eye, and today I will be a profit for you.

The world is responding to governors trying to usher in the world bank and UN government. Look at the tyrant banksters how they dictate  to whole nations and do you really think ANY nation is sovereign in this time cycle? Not USA. For sure they are destroyed, already largely taking all orders from banksters and the UN . Obama worships the UN launches wars for them, without congress for example, and Europe is a utter joke. Ah, the pensions, work till you die, austerity to a be the buzz in the most mighty Euro state, Germany. And it’s going to get worse, as the people continue to allow further robbery from the elite.

Disease you all have, many more than earlier in the time cycle, child cancers up 10,000 % since 1950, diabetes up over 1,000% in the same period. All kinds of diseases and you’ll not make the insurance statistics current’ll die sooner than that, sooner than the generation before you and so on.

I wonder if you have noticed how mentally dulled out the populations globally are now ? Trance like, no glow in the eyes, walking dead. Why? Continuous tension, and threat, danger by society, and world governments.  The fight or flight reaction is always on.

Everyone is worried about global financial collapse..worry about how safe and stable your water is first, worry about how you are going to eat if it’s a bag of money for a loaf of bread, and how secure is your shelter? Now you can think about money or gold.  I prefer silver myself.

2012 is likely to be a non-event but for a short announcement that the US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. Folk will continue becoming poorer  but not the end of the world to be sure. It’s only the ending of a time, and age,  and the start of a new cycle of experiences.