The Feast of Tabernacles

Most of the people of the Armstrongist churches of God have one thing in common: They are boozing alcoholics. It bonds them. It makes them comfortable with each other.

Sometimes the truth hurts………….

Herbert Armstrong was a boozing alcoholic. That may be one reason he wanted to spring from the Church of God Seventh Day: He wanted to continue to wallow in his alcoholic solution to problems. Garner Ted Armstrong was an alcoholic. David Jon Hill was an alcoholic. Regional pastors in the hinterland were alcoholics. The whole WCG was top heavy with alcoholics and that defined the character of the church (or lack of it). Alcohol permeated the entire structure.



12 Things You Need To Know Before You Do An Alcohol-Free January

Chained to Booze
Chained to Booze

From a comment on Bar Rescue:


I feel a certain debt of gratitude to the Feast of Booze for helping convince me — through the fine alcoholic example being set there — to leave WCG back in 1971, after the Feast that year, at 21 years old. I’ve done some dumb things in my life, but leaving was one of the smartest moves I ever made.

Armstrongism is most certainly an adventure in associating with boozing alcoholics. As we face the New Year, let us consider this MSN health & fitness article, particularly if you are still a victim of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia, chained to your own alcohol addiction:

Dry January
Dry January

If you say you can do without it, prove it!

And you may decide that you don’t like your ‘friends’ in Armstrongism any more.