Twisted minds invent twisted religions

The last post “Twisted religions are invented by twisted minds” continues with this post titled “Twisted minds invent twisted religions”.

From William Hinson’s Broadway to Armageddon (1977).

As we continue with chapter 4 we will read about healing, dress, and drunkenness at the feast. In addition we have a Negro the church discriminated against when applying for entrance to Ambassador College. And last we learn of Rod Meredith’s lack of faith by going to a doctor for a detached retina.

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Twisted religions are invented by twisted minds


From William Hinson’s Broadway to Armageddon (1977).

Chapter 4.

Below we read about child abuse in the old Worldwide Church of God. “Children are born criminals” Herbert declares. Also drunkenness at the feast is a problem. Healing issue comes up. As you read on you begin to see that the church was a criminal organization and would do anything to cover up their crimes to avoid prosecution.

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"Broadway to Armageddon"

William Hinson

Garner Ted Armstrong’s recent television performance on “Hee Haw” prompted one entertainment critic to remark, “Now I know how bleak the future of the unskilled really must be.” The performance inspired one former fan to design a bumper sticker which reads “Garner Ted Armstrong: Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee Haw.” Mr. Armstrong’s crooning debut was probably not helped by the fact that while taping the show a marshall served him with the papers for a $5 million lawsuit, being brought against him by William Hinson.

The $5 million Hinson lawsuit was filed in Tennessee against Garner Ted Armstrong and Tony Hammer. It will not be the last lawsuit against the Armstrong organization. There are at least three others in preparation-one, a $50 million class action suit, will soon be filed against the entire organization. –AMBASSADOR WHISPERS







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