Giving Your Power Over To Another



In my article, “Politicians, Priests, and Pornographers” I touched on how people give their hopes and dreams to others, often compromising their personal integrity in the process.

In the next few blogs, I and another blogger, Bob Dixon, will touch on how easy it is for people to forsake their freedom and give their hearts and minds over to promises made by the less scrupulous among us.

To get started, here is a short video by Bill Abram entitled

“For nearly 40 years, Canada – the people of Canada – had control of their own currency! Imagine! They founded their own bank and issued their own currency with no debt obligations to banks.”
Bill Abram

Politicians are putting people, corporations, and nations in debt. Religious pimps are putting people, communities and societies in peril as they exploit the naive masses, building a base of blue ribbon tithe payers who sacrifice all for the lie of a glorious future.

For example, when the COG’lets decide they need a multimillion dollar auditorium they borrow money from a bank, and in the process put the entire congregation into debt. If you signed a support pledge to your church, you are stating that you are personally responsible for some of that debt.

Exploiting the world for profit by any means is something all of us experienced in and out of Armstrongism. We were told the fairy tale that our tithes and offerings honored God and paved the way for a new and glorious world tomorrow. In the end it was all a lie. We were put into unnecessary and unending debt. Many of us never recovered financially.

Why then do some of us who have abandoned religion now embrace and put our faith into another man made disaster? Politics.

 A man who wanted to buy an Ass went to market, and, coming across
a likely-looking beast, arranged with the owner that he should be
allowed to take him home on trial to see what he was like. When he
reached home, he put him into his stable along with the other asses.
The newcomer took a look round, and immediately went and chose a place
next to the laziest and greediest beast in the stable. When the master
saw this he put a halter on him at once, and led him off and handed
him over to his owner again. The latter was a good deal surprised to
see him back so soon, and said, “Why, do you mean to say you have
tested him already?” “I don’t want to put him through any more tests,”
replied the other. “I could see what sort of beast he is from the
companion he chose for himself.”
-Aesop’s Fables.”The Ass and his Purchaser”