Cult Ideology

My good friend Ralph inspired this blog by sending me a link to an article entitled
“The Covert Agenda Behind the Occupy Wall Street Protests.”

What caught my attention (besides the main point of this article) was a video by Garret Lo Porto entitled “The Wayseer Manifesto.” You may have seen this video on YouTube recently. After this upbeat and empowering video, one may feel inspired to feel “special” about themselves (a common tactics of cults). Lo Porto’s video then ends without offering a viable solution to your “new empowerment.” Why? One must look as to the motivation of the author.

The key to understanding this video is the knowledge you have already gained by your involvement with Herbie’s religious cult, the Worldwide Church of God. So the next question is, who is Garret LoPorto, the author of the video below?

This man is a psychologist. In the article I linked to above, he is quoted as saying “If you want people to believe in your brand, (and share that belief with others), your brand must be evolved into a cult brand. If you want buzz; if you want viral marketing; if you want sky-high conversion rates and you want customers to not just be customers, but total converts, then you’ve come to the right consulting firm.”

Here is the video, “The Wayseer Manifesto.”


So did you spot the cult tactics?


Below are two very good videos that refute LoPorto’s video.




As you can see, cult tactics are not only used by religious charlatans, but marketing firms who replace your current ideology with a brand new one! Its called “The Haircut.”