Cults and Closets


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Cults and Closets

Coming Out of Chaos

A book by Troy Fitzgerald


Former WCG kid and son of a pastor, Troy Fitzgerald explains what it was like growing up in a fundamentalist religious cult.

This book is a very interesting read. Troy relates from the times of his early youth, what it was like growing up in a fundamentalist church. Feelings of social inadequacy, and shunned with no true friends. This young man searches out his own self identity, leading to an unexpected discovery as to his sexuality.

As the Worldwide Church of God (founded by Herbert W. Armstrong) goes through an identity crisis, Troy begins to think outside the box that was constructed for him in his childhood and begins to think of himself as a closet agnostic with huge doubt about his religious education.

After leaving the Worldwide Church of God, Troy and his wife Marie, with their growing doubts, did what most of us former members of that cult did. We joined mainstream churches only to discover that they too were but mind control cults.

The inevitable result of spending a lifetime searching out “The Truth” is a most memorable prayer that Troy shares in his book. Call it a showdown. A contract made at baptism that is nullified and voided due to the inaction of a supposedly loving God.

If you were ever a member of an Armstrong church, or in one of the spin-offs, or if you are a kid in one of these cults, this book is a must read!